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Error 143 codes - All working passwords

Hack into all of your friends’ computers with our list of Error 143 codes, and discover all the secrets they’re hiding using unique passwords

Error 143 codes: A picture of Micah and their cat smiling at the camera

If you want to dig up all the dirt, you need these Error 143 codes. Error 143 is Jenny Vi Pham’s visual novel, based on two rivals that turn into lovers after hacking each others PC’s. Your rival is Micah, and you’re determined to find out more about them. Error 143 has three different endings to keep you occupied as you try and hack your friends’ accounts and discover what they know, too. You can find Error 143 on itch.io, Google Play, the App Store, or PC if you prefer.

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Error 143 codes – Friend PC Backdoor passwords

  • Chochi – 99B50D
  • Crocnapping – 4PPLEB0TT0MJ43ANS
  • Faranesque – PASSWORD1
  • Jennyan – LOSER
  • Ma-Rina – KINIKILIG
  • Mationette – HOTDOG
  • Nine – 12345
  • Odreru – AMEN
  • Ohn – BLUBBU
  • Rei – POOPHEAD
  • Tofu – SWAGLORD
  • Tora – SOUP
  • Xavi – LURKER

How do I use Error 143 codes?

As you make your way through the game, you’ll notice you have a list of contacts – your friends – available to you. This is where you can get a little sneaky, and dig for more information on the mysterious Micah. 

The Error 143 passwords above relate to each person, and you can use them to hack into their computers and sift through their files. It isn’t as hard as it sounds, either. All you need to do is click the ‘hack’ button below the list of friends. Then, head to the Backdoors icon on your computer’s desktop. Here you can try and guess the passwords for each person, or use our handy list to hop right on in and see what they know!

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