Eve Echoes update – September 16

Find out all the details on every Eve Echoes update

Eve Echoes is a massive game, so it’s no wonder that it needs a massive amount of content to keep it alive. Each Eve Echoes update introduces new features to the sci-fi MMORPG, but they also apply vital bug fixes, solving issues which are sometimes detrimental to player progress. Updates make games better for everyone, so that’s why we decided to round up every Eve Echoes update into a single article, so you know every piece of content coming to the game.

NetEase also said that new ships and ship skins were just some of what it was hoping to bring to Eve Echoes post launch, so we’ll also keep you up to date on any fresh content on the way. So set the controls to autopilot, and read up on everything coming to Eve Echoes.

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here is the latest eve echoes update:

eve echoes update: september 16

A September 16 patch has arrived for Eve Echoes. Some of the changes combat travel safety issues, such as the increased gate gun range in low-sec, and improved non-offline autopilot. Here’s the full list:

  • Improved non-offline autopilot. Now, the autopilot will not automatically begin the next step upon entering a new system. Instead, it will wait for the game client to finish loading first
  • Fixed the collision issue out of the ITC Market
  • Skill point compensations have been sent out to all players who failed to gain profits from the skill point bug that profited some players
  • Improved AI’s weapon logic, reducing the server load
  • Fixed the issue of the volume for repackaged Ventures being too high
  • Increased the optimal range of sentry guns in low-security systems

eve echoes update: september 9

NetEase has released a September 9 patch for Eve Echoes. The new update makes a significant change to warp disruption and autopilot safety, as well as lots of quality of life changes. Here’s the full list:

  • Guest accounts need to carry out account linking before they can transfer supplies
  • Fixed the issue that the bonus for the Tornado was displayed as -5%
  • A broker’s fee is no longer charged when changing the price of PLEX sell orders
  • Added a guide prompt for ship repair after player’s ship is destroyed
  • Added sorting to “My Orders” in the delivery system.
  • Added the name of the item a player purchased to the mail confirming a successful purchase
  • Fixed the issue where ship textures would be missing in certain situations
  • Updated estimated prices for items
  • CONCORD’s Guide to New Eden: When players obtain a museum exhibit, an ore, or completes the exploration of a region for the first time, new entries will be unlocked and players will be given commemorative stamps
  • It’s now possible to initiate contracts via pilot’s business cards.
  • Added a guide for following Communities
  • Fixed the issue where some Corporations wouldn’t show up in the search results in Diplomacy
  • It’s now possible to view the business cards of players who applied to join the Corporation by tapping their avatar
  • Improved the level display for Cosmic Anomalies
  • Added an explosion effect to Capsuleer Outposts
  • Changed Corporation Wallet permissions. Now only members who have either deposit/withdrawal or finance management permissions can view the Corporation Wallet log, and only members who have the finance management permission can set the tax rate
  • Museum Arcana: Scholar Points can be used in the museum. Autopilot to the museum has been improved
  • Improved the Skill > Skill Recommendation page
  • Improved the animated effects on the Market page
  • Optimized Overview Settings interface: Overview default allows editing. Filter Tag allows modification
  • Compensated 24 hours of Clone time for Omega and Corporation Omega created before  23:59 on 26th August

Eve echoes update: september 9 – bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where warp disruption didn’t work on ships using autopilot
  • Updated the TIPS of some items
  • Fixed the issue where looting a resource extraction container while it was being launched would cause the launch to fail
  • Fixed the issue where drones could absorb energy indefinitely

And that’s all the updates for now! You can find Eve Echoes on Google Play and the App Store. Be sure to see our list of the best mobile MMORPGs for more similar games.

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