Fate Grand Order tier list and reroll guide

Find the best servants to summon with our Fate Grand Order tier list, including all classes and rarities from across the massive catalogue of characters.

Fate Grand Order tier list image with multiple characters present

If you want to make sure you’re summoning the best servants, you’ll need a Fate Grand Order tier list to pick out the most potent battlers. As with most gacha games, there are a fair few characters for you to pick from, all with different classes, rarities, and move sets. You need to opt for the ones that suit your playstyle if you want to become the most powerful magician in all the land. Remember, don’t pick the top four characters just because they’re the most battle-ready, instead, experiment with compositions to find your best build. 

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With that out of the way, let’s get into sorting the superior servants with our FGO tier list


Fate Grand Order tier list

As you’ll notice, there’s a massive number of playable characters in Fate Grand Order, split into twelve different classes. Not only have we ranked all the best overall servants, but below you can find tier lists for each class, with some offering up more potential than others. 

There’s no magic combination for a perfect build, instead, try out different combinations of characters and classes until you find what fits. We recommend that new players pick at least one S-tier servant just so you know you’ve got some firepower if you need it, but otherwise go for the characters you like the most, be it Merlin or Mozart. 

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
S Zhuge Liang, Nikola Tesla, Chloe von Einzbern, Euryale, Georgios, Spartacus, Merlin, Arash, Orion, Cu Chulainn (Alter), Gilgamesh, Ozymandias, Minamoto-no-Raikou, Amakusa Shirou, BB, Kaka, Nitocris, Mordred, David, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A Emiya (Alter), Atalante (Alter), Jeanne d’Arc (Alter), Ishtar (Alter), Mash Kyrielight, Altria Pendragon, Nero Claudius, Miyamoto Musashi, Ishtar, Achilles, Jeanne d’Arc, Sakata Kintoki, Katsushika Hokusai, Meltryllis, Quetzalcoatl, Edmond Dantes, Okita Souji, Francis Drake, Emiya, Atalante, Helena Blavatsky, Rama, Lancelot, Antonio Salieri, Valkyrie, Ibaraki-Douji, Sieg, Paracelsus von Hohenheim, Gaius Julius Caesar, Robin Hood, Medea, Lu Bu Fengxian, Sakamoto Ryouma, Hans Christian Andersen, Okado Izo, Paul Bunyan, Jack the Ripper
B Nero Claudius (Alter), Gilgamesh (Alter), Illyasviel von Einzbern, Tamamo-no-Mae, Sherlock Holmes, Cleopatra, Leonardo Da Vinci, Xuanzang Sanzang, Shuten-Douji, Brynhild, Karna, Ivan the Terrible, Queen Medb, Ushiwakamaru, Chiron, Caster of Midrash, Caster of Okeanos, Mecha Eli-chan, Kiyohime, Scathatch, Tristan, Passionlip, Oda Nobunaga, Elisabeth Bathory, Frankenstein, Oda Nobunaga, Saint Martha, Fionn mac Cumhaill, Leonidas, Eric Bloodaxe, Tawara Touta, Billy the Kid, Kid Gilgamesh, Charles Babbage, Kiyohime, Medusa, Asterios, Jing Ke, Sasaki Kojirou, Edward Teach, Avicebron, Enkidu
C Cu Chulainn (Alter), Nitocris (Alter), Vlad III, Orion, Amakusa Shirou, Nightingale, Sessyion Kiara, Hijikata Toshizo, Abigail Williams, Ereshkigal, Napoleon, Archer of Inferno, Saint Martha, Suzuka Gozen, Gorgon, Avenger of Shinjuku, Emiya, Li Shuwen, Astolfo, Medea, Marie Antoinette, Siegfried, Chevalier d’Eon, Romulus, Charles-Henri Sanson, Darius III, Hektor, Henry Jekyll & Hyde, Fuuma Kotarou, Rider of Resistance
D Okta Souji (Alter), Marie Antoinette (Alter), Helena Blavatsky (Alter), Osakabehime, Semiramis, Altera, Thomas Edison, Katou Danzo, Chacha, Arjuna, Ryougi Shiki, Iskandar, Archer of Shinjuku, Tamamo Cat, Mata Hari, Caligula, Geronimo, Anra Mainiiu, Gilles de Rais, Musashibou Benkei, Assassin of Paraiso, Nezha, Mephistopheles, Phantom of the Opera

Fate Grand Order Gilgamesh

Fate Grand Order Saber tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
S Nero, Akita Souji
A Miyamoto Musashi, Nero Claudius, Altria Pendragon, Rama, Lancelot, Gaius Julius Caesar
B Queen Medb, Frankenstein
C Chevalier d’Eon, Chevalier d’Eon, Siegfried
D Ryougi Shiki, Altera, Gilles de Rais, Arthur Pendragon, Gawain

Fate Grand Order Archer tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
S Gilgamesh, Arash, Tesla, Orion, Chloe von Einzbern, Euryale, David 
A Jeanne d’Arc, Ishtar, Emiya, Atlante, Robin Hood 
B Oda Nobunaga, Tristan, Chiron, Billy the Kid, Tawara Touta, Kid Gilgamesh
C Napoleon, Archer of Inferno, Archer of Shinjuku
D Arjuna, Helena Blavatsky (Alter)

Fate Grand Order Lancer tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
A Valkyrie, Ibaraki-Douji
B Karna, Brynhild, Tamamo-no-Mae, Enkidu, Fionn mac Cumhaill, Leonidas, Elisabeth Bathory, Kiyohime
C Ereshkigal, Li Shuwen, Hektor, Romulus
D Musashibou Benkei, Nezha, Medusa (Alter)

Fate Grand Order Rider tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
S Ozymandias, Achilles, Mordred
A Quetzalcoatl, Sakamoto Ryouma, Ishtar (Alter), Francis Drake
B Ivan the Terrible, Saint Martha, Edward Teach
C Iskandar, Boudica

Fate Grand Order Zhuge Liang

Fate Grand Order Caster tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
S Zhuge Liang, Merlin, Mozart, Nitocris
A Helena Blavatsky, Sieg, Hans Christian Andersen, Paracelsus von Hohenheim
B Nero Claudius (Alter), Illyasviel von Einzbern, Leonardo Da Vinci, Xuanzang Sanzang, Caster of Okeanos, Gilgamesh (Alter), Caster of Midrash, Charles Babbage, Avicebron
C Cu Chulainn (Alter), Medea, Marie Antoinette (Alter), Thomas Edison, Geronimo, Mephistopheles
D Gilles de Rais (Alter), Caster of the Nightless City, Irisviel

Fate Grand Order Assassin tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
S Kama, Jack the Ripper
A Okado Izo
B Shuten-Douji, Cleopatra, Scathatch, Ushiwakamaru, Sasaki Kojirou, Jing Ke
C Nitocris (Alter), Emiya, Fuuma Kotarou, Henry Jekyll & Hyde, Charles-Henri Sanson
D Assassin of Paraiso, Osakabehime, Semiramis, Katou Danzo, Mata Hari, Phantom of the Opera, Stheno, Assassin of Shinjuku

Fate Grand Order Berserker tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
S Spartacus 
A Atalante (Alter), Emiya (Alter), Jeanne d’Arc (Alter), Sakata Kintoki, Lu Bu Fengxian, Paul Bunyan, Cu Chuliann (Alter), Minamoto-no-Raikou
B Oda Nobunaga, Eric Bloodaxe, Asterios, Kiyohime, Spartacus
C Hijikata Toshizo, Nightingale, Vlad III, Darius III
D Tamamo Cat, Chacha, Caligula, Beowulf 

Fate Grand Order Merlin

Fate Grand Order Ruler tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
B Sherlock Holmes
C Amakusa Shirou, Saint Martha

Fate Grand Order Avenger tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
A Jeanne d’Arc (Alter), Edmond Dantes, Antonio Salieri
B Avenger of Shinjuku, Gorgon
C Anra Mainiiu

Fate Grand Order Alter Ego tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
A Meltryllis
B Mecha Eli-chan, Passionlip
C Sessyion Kiara, Okta Souji (Alter)

Fate Grand Order Foreigner tier list

Tier Fate Grand Order servant
A Katsushika Hokusai
B Abigail Williams

How do I perform a Fate Grand Order reroll? 

If you’re not happy with your set of characters, you can perform a Fate Grand Order reroll to try and trade them in for a better bunch. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Make sure you’ve completed the tutorial and at least one quest to collect a 10-roll summon and one saint quartz 
  • Summon a servant using the saint quartz
  • If you don’t get the desired character, wipe your data and start the process again

It’s as easy as that, and there’s no limit on how many times you can reset your account. 

With that, you’re fully up to date on the best characters thanks to our Fate Grand Order tier list. For more experiences imbued with a sense of magic, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list, Genshin Impact codes, and games like Skyrim on Switch and mobile.