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FFVII Cloud - materia, weapons, stats, and limit breaks

Here's everything you need to know about Final Fantasy VII's Cloud

FFVII Cloud with his sword drawn in front of promotion Final Fanatsy VII art

Our FFVII Cloud guide provides all the details you need to know about this leading man, including his weapons, limit breaks, armour, stats, and the best materia to equip him with. Given that Cloud is a consistent member of your party, it’s vital to prepare him right, or the turn-based RPG will chew you up and spit you out.

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FFVII Cloud’s weapons

I don’t suggest ever comparing sword size with Cloud. His broadswords are as huge as they are deadly, and he has plenty to choose from. As you might expect, these weapons offer great physical damage.

For the most part, Cloud’s weapon range doesn’t have any unique capabilities, save for two swords. For example, the Yoshiyuki doubles your damage output should an ally be downed, or tripled if two allies bite the dust.

Weapons also have materia slots. You should consider these when selecting your weapon, given the more materia you can equip, the more of an advantage you get in battle. Seriously, you’re going nowhere fast if you don’t equip some of those wacky orbs.

Weapon Attack value Magic Where to get it Bonuses
Buster sword 18 2 Starting weapon Element: cut
Mythril saber 23 4 Kalm, Junon Element: cut
Hardedge 32 6 Gongaga, Junon Element: cut
Butterfly edge 39 8 Cosmo canyon Element: cut
Enhance sword 43 16 Gaea’s cliff Element: cut
Organics 62 15 Icicle inn Element: cut
Crystal sword 76 19 Mideel Element: cut
Force stealer 36 7 North Corel, Junon Element: cut
Rune blade 40 9 Junon, Mt Nibel Element: cut
Murasame 51 12 Wutai Village Element: cut
Nail bat 70 0 Junon, Temple of the Ancients

Critical plus four

Element: cut

Yoshiyuki 56 9 Rocket Town

If an ally is dead Cloud’s damage is doubled, the effect is tripled if two allies are down

Element: cut

Apocalypse 88 43 Ancient forest

Spirit plus 16

Element: cut

Heaven’s Cloud 93 31 Gelnika Element: cut
Ragnarok 97 43 Proud clod

Spirit plus 35

Element: cut

Ultima weapon 100 51 Drop from ultimate weapon

Spirit plus 24

The more health cloud has the more damage this weapon does

Element: cut

Cloud walking down steps with Zack hanging in the background

FFVII Cloud’s stats

Unlike other party members, Cloud begins the game at level six, though this quickly increases to level seven. Unsurprisingly, Cloud is a powerhouse that boasts impressive strength, while also having the capability of being a strong magic wielder.

The below chart indicates the maximum stat for each attribute.

Level HP MP  Dexterity Strength Vitality Spirit Luck Magic
6 314 54 6 20 16 17 14 19
10 391 76 16 28 24 25 21 28
20 804 146 25 41 37 37 23 40
30 1522 244 33 53 51 50 24 54
40 2564 347 41 68 64 63 25 66
50 3777 459 49 80 72 73 26 79
60 5144 571 54 91 80 81 26 87
70 6361 669 56 96 85 87 27 93
80 7561 765 58 100 90 93 28 98
90 8626 840 60 100 93 97 29 100
99 9508 905 62 100 96 100 29 100

Cloud stood in a steel room

FFVII Cloud’s limit breaks

Limit breaks are deadly abilities that unleash hell upon your opponent, and Cloud has an impressive arsenal of moves at his disposal. Each move is capable of causing devastation. However, do be prepared to play the long game when it comes to unlocking his best skills.

Limit break name How to obtain it Effect
Braver Cloud starts with it Cloud uses a downward slash that deals three times the normal damage
Cross-slash Use braver eight times Cloud performs three slices that cause more than three times the normal damage and inflict paralysis
Blade beam Defeat 120 enemies Cloud unleashes a wave of energy at the enemy causing three and a half times normal damage, while causing minor damage to nearby foes
Climhazzard Use blade beam seven times Cloud hits the enemy before jumping upwards slicing his foe for more than four times normal damage
Metorain Defeat 200 enemies after receiving blade beam Cloud brings down six meteorites from the sky causing more than one and half times normal damage each
Finishing touch Use meteorain six times Kills any enemy it hits, except for those immune to death. Those immune take more than times normal damage
Omnislash Read the omnislash manual after receiving all of Cloud’s limit breaks Hits enemies 15 times with the automatic critical effect active

The best materia for FFVII’s Cloud

There isn’t a best route per se for Cloud materia wise. Not because there are few that help, but because you have multiple options in approaching battle. Seriously, the power is in your hands, given how good his strength and magic stats are. Some people may prefer the use of magic while others prefer playing whac-a-mole with their swords.

Cloud begins the game with lightning materia, which can be paired with the all materia – combining these two means our hero can hit all of his opposing enemies in one swoop. When it comes to other materia, anything to do with magic is a great bet if you plan on using spells in combat.

Alternatively, if you prefer to get physical, you should use materia such as slash-all and double-cut. We also suggest equipping Cloud with HP absorb materia to keep his health in check.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud. Next, head over to our list of the best Switch RPGs if you’re after a new adventure. Though maybe pay FFVII’s Aerith a visit first. We also have a Mortal Kombat 1 characters guide, just in case you want to swap Midgard for Outworld.