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FFX Lulu stats, weapons, armor, and abilities

Here's everything you need to know about FFX's Lulu including her abilities, stats, weapons, armor, and what the best equipment for her is

FFX's Lulu standing near some rocks

FFX’s Lulu is a powerful magic wielder, and she also happens to be one of our favorite Final Fantasy X party members. Why, you ask? Well, allow us to tell you, as we dive into her armor, weapons, and abilities. As a black mage, Lulu is proficient in black magic. She deals out impressive magic damage while also having great defence against the majority of spells thrown her way – a unique advantage for a black mage.

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FFX Lulu’s stats

Let’s just say it: Lulu is one of the best party members you can have when it comes to combat prowess. As expected from a mage, her magic is strong, but it comes at a detriment to her physical prowess, so that’s something to bear in mind should you come up against enemies who are strong against spells.

Stat Starting value Sphere grid (normal/expert)
HP 380 2,580/2,380
MP 92 432/352
Strength 5 16/15
Defense 8 56/38
Magic 20 56/54
Magic defense 30 90/78
Agility 5 21/22
Luck 17 21/19
Evasion 40 84/83
Accuracy 3 5/13

Side view of FFX Lulu

FFX Lulu’s armor

Each character has a different item that classifies as armor, and in the case of Final Fantasy X’s Lulu, it’s bangles – because chest plates don’t keep you alive, pretty shiny things do. There are many out there for you to get your hands on, and, of course, each provides different benefits. Some break the MP and HP limit, while others offer protection against various elements such as fire and lightning.

Given that there are many different bangles up for grabs, we have chosen a select few that we consider to be the most beneficial.

Armor Abilities
Samantha soul Breaks both the HP and MP limit
Eternity Ribbon
Draupnir Four elemental abilities
Precious bangle Provides auto-shell, auto-regen, auto-reflect, and auto-protect
Collector bangle Master thief
Treasure bangle Pickpocket
Assault bangle Auto-shell, protect, reflect, regen, haste
Curative bangle auto-med
Marching bangle Auto-shell, protect, reflect, haste, regen (three of them)
Regen bangle Auto-regen or SOS regen
Crimson bangle Fire eater
Medical bangle Curse proof
Sorcery bangle MP increases by 20% or 30%
Onyx bangle Magic defense increases by 10% or 20%
Seeker’s bangle HP increases by 5% or 10%
Metal bangle Defence increase by 3% or 5%
Tough bangle HP increases by 20% or 30%
Tetra bangle Four slot armor
Auto bangle Auto-potion, auto-med

FFX Lulu holding a doll in front of a clear sky

FFX Lulu’s weapons

I’m going to be honest: Lulu’s weapon of choice creeps me out. There’s something about dolls that I just don’t like, and yes, perhaps Chucky and Anabelle play a part in that. Frankly, I don’t trust them. But they help Lulu wreak magical havoc on her opponents, so they have some upsides.

There are many different dolls to collect, all of which attack the enemy in different ways and possess a range of dominant abilities that can aid in battle.

Such dolls include:

Weapon Ability
Onion knight
  • Default is no AP
  • First upgrade gives no AP, and double overdrive
  • Second upgrade gives break damage limit, triple overdrive, magic booster, and one MP cost
Space soul Triple overdrive, triple AP
Swift Cactuar First strike
Toxic Cait Sith Poisonstrike
Moomba trio Three elemental strikes
Vengeful Cactuar Magic counter, counter attack, or evade and counter
Abaddon Cait Sith Three status strikes
Prism Cactuar Magic counter
Variable mog Provides two or three weapon slots
Moomba mage A magic increase of 10% or 20%
Moomba warrior A strength increase of 10% or 20%
Fire Moomba Firestrike
S-mog Distill speed
Moogle One ability slot
Thunder Moomba Lightningstrike
P-mog Distill power
Ominous Cait Sith Two status touches
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FFX Lulu’s abilities

There’s a large range of abilities at Lulu’s disposal through the sphere grid, and given her affinity with magic, it should come as no surprise that she has many spells to choose from. The clue as to what each ability does tends to be in the name. For example, death, you don’t get much blunter and to the point than that, and it causes your opponent to, well, um, die.

Ability Description
Fire Inflicts minor fire elemental damage
Water Inflicts minor water elemental damage
Focus Increases magic defense and magic for the entire party
Thundara Inflicts moderate lightning elemental damage
Blizzara Inflicts moderate ice elemental damage
Bio Inflicts poison
Death Inflicts death
Thundaga Inflicts major lighting elemental damage
Thunder Inflicts minor lightning elemental damage
Blizzard Inflicts minor ice elemental damage
Fira Inflicts moderate fire elemental damage
Watera Inflicts moderate water elemental damage
Blizzaga Inflicts major lightning damage
Doublecast She can cast black magic spells twice
Reflex Everyone in the party gets an increase to evasion
Demi Current HP of the opposition decreases by 25%
Waterga Inflicts major water elemental damage
Firaga Inflicts major fire elemental damage
Flare Massive non-elemental damage
Nab gil Attack the enemy and steal their gil

As for Lulu’s overdrive, she uses fury which casts a flurry of up to sixteen spells, potentially decimating the opposing party. There really is nothing like a woman scorned.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about Final Fantasy X’s Lulu. If you decide to dive into the world of Final Fantasy VII, our FFVII Cloud, FFVII Aerith, FFVII Sephiroth, and FFVII Tifa guides should help you out.

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