FFVII Aerith – weapons, limit breaks, stats, and materia

Here's everything you need to know about Final Fantasy VII's Aerith including her stats, weapons, limit breaks, and the best materia for her.

Cloud and Aerith in a church full of flowers

Final Fantasy VII is arguably one of the most popular JRPGs of all time, and with good reason. It offers a great story in an exciting world with characters you grow to care deeply about. Despite being over 20 years old, FFVII still lives in the hearts of many, though no doubt that’s helped by its numerous ports in the years since its initial release in 1997. Regardless of your platform choice, the original Final Fantasy VII is available to you, and we can’t help but recommend you play it.

If you take our advice on board, or are already a fan, you might want to check out our FFVII Aerith guide to make the most out of this magic wielder. We go into detail on her weapons, stats, limit breaks, and which materia is worth equipping her with. In a game that’s full of likeable characters, Final Fantasy 7’s Aerith tends to stay with you.

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FFVII Aerith’s weapons

As a magic wielder, Aerith’s weapon of choice is staves, and trust us when we say there are plenty of these objects to choose from, and frankly, selecting the right one for your playstyle is vital.

Unlike other characters, Aerith has several weapon choices that offer a range of bonuses. Such options include the striking staff, guard stick, umbrella, and the princess guard. All of them provide an increase to vitality, spirit, magic, or critical chance. However, the princess guard is also capable of doubling – or even tripling – Aerith’s damage based on how many allies have been defeated.

Since Aerith relies heavily on magic, it’s crucial that you select a stave that has plenty of materia slots available to make the most out of her casting offence and defence if given the correct orbs.

Weapon Attack value Magic Where to get it Bonuses
Guard stick 12 2 This is Aerith’s starting weapon

Plus one vitality

Plus one magic

Plus four spirit

Element: hit

Mythril rod 16 3 Wall market Element: hit
Full metal staff 22 4 Kalm, Junon Element: hit
Striking staff 32 7 Gongaga, Junon

Plus four magic

Plus two critical

Element: hit

Prism staff 40 10 Cosmo canyon Element: hit
Aurora rod 51 14 Wutai village Element: hit
Wizard staff 28 6 Junon Element: hit
Wizer staff 33 7 Junon Element: hit
Fairy tale 37 8 Junon Element: hit
Umbrella 58 10 Gold saucer

Plus 20 vitality

Plus five critical

Element: hit

Princess guard 52 22 Temple of the Ancients

Plus 12 vitality

Plus 20 spirit

If one ally is down, Aerith’s damage output is doubled. The effect is tripled if two allies are dead

FFVII's Aerith praying

FFVII Aerith’s Stats

It would be fair to say that Aerith isn’t the most physically gifted character in Final Fantasy VII. However, what she lacks in brawn, she more than makes up for with her magic capabilities. So if you’re after a party member that can bring the pain through spells, you need look no further than Aerith.

The below chart details the maximum stats available for each of Aerith’s attributes.

Level HP MP Dexterity Strength Vitality Spirit Luck Magic
1 177 23 5 10 11 14 14 13
10 331 86 16 22 23 28 20 28
20 721 168 25 32 33 41 21 44
30 1393 268 33 43 45 53 22 60
40 2322 381 40 53 56 68 24 72
50 3468 505 47 61 65 80 25 84
60 4715 625 51 66 71 91 26 91
70 5849 732 54 70 75 96 26 97
80 6969 837 55 73 78 100 27 100
90 7972 921 57 76 81 100 28 100
99 8809 994 58 78 83 100 28 100

FFVII's Aerith stood in a wooden room

FFVII Aerith’s Limit breaks

Just like every other party member, Aerith has a list of special moves known as limit breaks, and they happen to benefit the entire party. A lot of these moves involve Aerith healing the team. So, as long as she’s around and has the abilities unlocked, you have a bit of freedom to be more reckless and aggressive with other characters.

Limit break name How to obtain it Effect
Healing wind Aerith starts with this ability Heals the entire party with half their HP bar
Sea evil Use healing wind eight times Inflicts stop and silence on all foes that are not immune
Breath of the earth Defeat 80 enemies Cures all ailments affecting the team such as poison, sleep, alow, petrify, and confusion
Fury brand Use breath of the earth six times Two allies get their limit break meters filled to the max
Planet protector Defeat 80 opponents after collecting breath of the earth All party members become invincible for a short time
Pulse of life Use planet protector five times All negative status effects are cured, as well as fully restoring HP and MP
Great gospel Read the great gospel manual after acquiring all of Aerith’s limit breaks All HP and MP is restored for every party member, as well as making Aerith and her allies invincible for a short time

The best materia for FFVII’s Aerith

As we have stated multiple times, Aerith is a bit of a wiz when it comes to magic – we expect her to get a letter from Hogwarts any day now – so the logical thing to do is give her a healthy dose of magic-based materia. We suggest giving her materia that increases her offensive capabilities, given her limit breaks offer plenty of opportunities to heal herself. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t consider materia with healing properties later in the game.

When it comes to which spells you should equip, that’s down to you. If there’s an element you favour, give Aerith the corresponding materia as soon as you can to ensure she holds her own in combat. You might want to consider equipping her with a summon materia as well.

And that’s all you need to know about Final Fantasy 7’s Aerith. If you fancy more FFVII, why not check out our FFVII Sephiroth guide – he’s a lovely fellow.