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Final Gear tier list - all pilots ranked

Our Final Gear tier list ranks all pilots and tells you how to to perform a Final Gear reroll

A group of pilots in front of a mech

There are many games out there, plenty of which are packed with a large number of characters. One such game is Final Gear, which, as a strategy RPG, features a whole roster of pilots, some of which provide aid when in combat, and others are best left behind. If you happen to be a fan of mech battles, well, this game is for you, so read on to find out which characters suit you best.

With our Final Gear tier list, we aim to inform you which pilots are worth considering and which ones should be left well alone. Any time you go to battle, it’s war. The only way to ensure victory is to take a strong team with you, but unfortunately, not all pilots are worth their salt. We also offer advice on how to perform a Final Gear reroll, giving you the best chance of getting the pilot you want.

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Without further ado, here’s our Final Gear tier list.

Favia character stats

Final Gear tier list

Rank Final Gear pilots
S Nova, Shmily, Bernadette, Lilian
A Sumora, Snowy, Taysia Graft, Nia, Aya Kujyo, Natasha, Danngo Kobayashi, Krista, Viorate, Elizabeth
B Evelynn, PN26 Elizabeth, Thea, Patricia, A-16, Sweety, Coreleah
C Murasaki, Grave, Shyaditty, Phoenix, Amber, Rinbell, Rebeyrca, Natasha, Viola
D Helena, Leigh, Paula, Jessie, Breeze Thallo, Miroa, Akari Onikage, Ariel, Sweety, Thea

How to perform a Final Gear reroll

If you have a specific pilot in mind, but are having trouble obtaining them, follow these simple steps to reroll until you unlock the character.

  • Open the game
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Progress far enough in the campaign to unlock recruitment, and claim login rewards
  • Complete the recruitment tutorial
  • Head to the recruitment tab to draw pilots
  • If you don’t get your chosen character you have an infinite number of rerolls at this stage
  • Keep rerolling until you get your desired pilot
  • Next, spend the crystals you received earlier
  • Should you not pick up a top tier character through the gacha system, you can sign out of the current account and log in with a new one to try again

And that’s everything you need to know about rerolling in Final Gear. If you fancy nabbing yourself some freebies, check out our Final Gear codes guide.