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Fire Emblem Engage classes

Fire Emblem Engage classes are an important mechanic in this tactical RPG, so let's take a look at the different classes, how to promote them, and more

Fire Emblem Engage classes - Fogado holding his hand to his chest

If you’re a Fire Emblem fan gearing up for Nintendo’s latest entry into the hit tactical RPG series, you’re likely wondering what the confirmed Fire Emblem Engage classes are – and, of course, how to promote or switch them up this time around. Well, whether you’re a returning player or a new engager, we’re here to help you with our in-depth guide to FEE classes, going over everything you need to know about this core mechanic.

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Fire Emblem Engage classes

What are Fire Emblem Engage classes?

As with previous Fire Emblem games and many other RPGs, Fire Emblem Engage classes dictate the playing styles and abilities of each unit. Every class has its own weaknesses, strengths, and specific weapon proficiencies, so picking a team with the right classes to counter enemies is integral if you want to come out victorious.

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How do I promote Fire Emblem Engage classes?

You can promote a character’s class when they reach level ten. When you want to promote a class to a higher tier, you need to use one Master Seal – a material you can purchase from in-game vendors.

How do I change Fire Emblem Engage classes?

If you ever feel the need for a switch-up, you can change a character’s class by using a Second Seal. As with previous games and the Master Seals you need for promotions, you can purchase Second Seals from in-game vendors. Note that you can only change a character’s class to one that shares the same proficiency.

Fire Emblem Engage classes - Chloe on horseback

All Fire Emblem Engage classes

Below, we’ve listed all base and advanced Fire Emblem Engage classes, along with their users, weapons (and weapon proficiency ranking, from S to C), and a brief description of what the class does.

Base FEE classes


  • Users: Etie
  • Weapon: bow (B)
  • Description: light infantry units who attack from a distance

Axe Armor

  • Users: Jade
  • Weapon: axe (B)
  • Description: heavily armoured axe-wielders with high defence and a weakness to magic

Axe Cavalier

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: axe (B)
  • Description: mounted axe-wielding knights who ride freely around the battlefield and possess a well-balanced set of skills

Axe Fighter

  • Users: Boucheron, Anna
  • Weapon: axe (B)
  • Description: strong, axe-wielding warriors with fierce swings that deal great damage, but leave them open to incoming attacks

Axe Flier

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: axe (B)
  • Description: axe-wielders who fly on pegasus mounts. They’re strong against magic, but weak to bows

Dragon Child

  • Users: Alear (male and female)
  • Weapon: sword (B)
  • Description: descendants of a line of dragons from the ancient days, they can use swords unique to the Divine Dragon

Lance Armor

  • Users: Louis
  • Weapon: lance (B)
  • Description: heavily armoured lancers with high defence but a weakness to magic

Lance Cavalier

  • Users: Amber
  • Weapon: lance (B)
  • Description: mounted lance-wielding knights who ride freely around the battlefield and possess a well-balanced set of skills

Lance Fighter

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: lance (B)
  • Description: balanced, lance-wielding soldiers with a good balance between offence and defence

Lance Flier

  • Users: Chloe
  • Weapon: lance (B)
  • Description: lancers who fly on pegasus mounts. They’re strong against magic, but weak to bows


  • Users: Diamant, Alcryst
  • Weapon: sword (B)
  • Description: one with sword and bow proficiency born into a noble family


  • Users: Citrine, Clanne
  • Weapon: tome (B)
  • Description: magic users who cast spells using their tomes. They’re strong against enemies with high defence

Martial Monk

  • Users: Jean
  • Weapon: staff (B), arts (C)
  • Description: combat monks capable of healing allies, while also using martial arts as a form of self-defence


  • Users: Alfred, Celine
  • Weapon: sword (B), tome (B)
  • Description: nobles born into a royal family, skilled with magic and capable of wielding a sword when necessary


  • Users: Timerra, Fogado
  • Weapon: bow (B)
  • Description: an archer on horseback with enough proficiency to deliver from a distance

Sword Armor

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: sword (B)
  • Description: heavily armoured sword-wielders with high defence and a weakness to magic

Sword Cavalier

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: sword (B)
  • Description: mounted sword-wielding knights who ride freely around the battlefield and possess a well-balanced set of skills

Sword Fighter

  • Users: Lapis
  • Weapon: sword (B)
  • Description: footsoldiers with advanced blade skills, capable of nimbly dodging enemy attacks

Sword Flier

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: sword (B)
  • Description: sword-wielders who fly on pegasus mounts. They’re strong against magic, but weak to bows

Fire Emblem Engage classes - Panette

Advanced FEE Classes


  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: sword (B), lance (A)
  • Description: a mounted prince that excels with a lance and is serviceable with a blade


  • Users: Panette
  • Weapon: axe (S)
  • Description: mighty warriors who wield great strength and huge axes

Bow Knight

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: sword (C), bow (A)
  • Description: mounted bow users capable of outflanking foes with their high mobility


  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: sword (B), bow (A)
  • Description: a charming bow knight skilled with both bow and sword, who fights with casual flair

Divine Dragon

  • Users: Lumera
  • Weapon: sword (A), arts (B)
  • Descriptions: keeper of the power of the great reigning dragon, who uses Divine Dragon swords and martial arts


  • Users: Marni
  • Weapon: sword (A)
  • Description: heavily armoured with strong offensive and defensive skills

Great Knight

  • Users: Bunet
  • Weapon: sword (B), lance (B)
  • Description: heavily armoured knights who defend their allies with a variety of weapons and skills

Griffin Knight

  • Users: Chloe
  • Weapon: axe (A), staff (C)
  • Description: experienced, well-balanced knights who fly atop griffins


  • Users: exclusive
  • Weapon: lance (S)
  • Description: experienced lance-wielders who excel above common lancers


  • Users: Goldmary
  • Weapon: sword (A), lance (C)
  • Description: experienced veterans proficient in multiple weapons and capable of easily cutting through the frontlines

High Priest

  • Users: Pandreo
  • Weapon: tome (B), staff (S), arts (C)
  • Description: masterful stave-wielders with lifesaving healing skills


  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: tome (S), staff (B)
  • Description: a magic-using wyvern rider who uses powerful magic and staves to attack from above (Ivy exclusive)

Mage Knight

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: axe (B), tome (A)
  • Description: mounted, magic knights who can both cast spells and engage in melee combat

Martial Master

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: staff (A), arts (S)
  • Description: experienced monks excel at both healing and hand-to-hand combat


  • Users: Amber, Vander
  • Weapon: lance (A)
  • Description: high-ranking, experienced knights with high mobility and great magic defence


  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: lance (S)
  • Descriptions: a lancer who pierces the enemy with flawless skill, and nimbly dodges deadly attacks from enemies

Royal Knight

  • Users: Mauvier
  • Weapon: lance (A), staff (C)
  • Description: mounted, noble knights, capable of rallying allies


  • Users: Griss, Lindon
  • Weapon: tome (S), staff (B)
  • Description: experienced magicians with great power and the ability to wield both tomes and staves

Sleipnir Rider

  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: tome (B), staff (S)
  • Description: a knight who rides the charming pegasus Sleipnir. Skilled with both tomes and powerful staves


  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: bow (S)
  • Description: masterful bow users who target their enemies’ weak points with precise strikes


  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: sword (S), axe (A)
  • Description: one with the will and strength to lead a nation, skilled with both the blade and axe (Diamant exclusive)


  • Users: Kagetsu
  • Weapon: sword (S)
  • Description: experienced sword fighters who nimbly dodge attacks and retaliate with mighty skills

Tireur d’elite

  • Users: Alcryst
  • Weapon: bow (S)
  • Description: a bowman of the highest accord, capable of taking out an enemy in one shot


  • Users: exclusive class
  • Weapon: sword (B), tome (A), staff (A)
  • Description: magic-wielding sword users who cut through enemy mages, and can also use staves


  • Users: Saphir
  • Weapon: axe (A), bow (C)
  • Description: skilled experts capable of wielding bows and axes to annihilate their enemies

Wing Tamer

  • Users: Ivy, Hortensia
  • Weapon: tome (B), staff (B)
  • Description: skilled magicians who take to the skies for an advantage in battle

Wolf Knight

  • Users: Merrin
  • Weapon: sword (B), knife (A)
  • Description: highly mobile knights who ride wolves into battle, taking down enemies with powerful knife attacks

Wyvern Knight

  • Users: Rosado
  • Weapon: lance (B), axe (B)
  • Description: experienced knights who ride wyverns into battle. They’re powerful, but are weak to bows and magic

Fire Emblem Engage classes - Seadall reaching out a hand

FEE special classes


  • Users: Zelkov, Yunaka
  • Weapon: knife (S)
  • Descriptions: burglars with a talent for picking locks, who are nimble with their hands and deadly with a knife


  • Users: Seadall
  • Weapon: arts (A)
  • Description: charming performers capable of raising their ally’s spirits, allowing them to an additional turn in battles

Fell Child

  • Users: Veyle
  • Weapon: knife (B), tome (S)
  • Description: inheritor of the blood of the Fell Dragon who excels in Fell skills and powerful dark magic

That’s all we’ve got on the Fire Emblem Engage classes for now. If you’re hungry for a fresh adventure, check out our lists of the best gacha games or the best Switch RPGs. Or, for a break from all the waifus and husbandos, head over to our full Pokédex to see how many ‘mons you can snag.