Fire Emblem Engage tactics guide

Fire Emblem Engage tactics are, of course, integral to getting good at the game, so get your head around the anime chess board and fly onwards to victory

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Fire Emblem Engage tactics are a little hard to write down simply. This is, after all, the latest entry in a decades-old tactics title – there is a muscle memory us long-time players have that is hard to explain. A bit like trying to teach someone how to use an analogue stick to control a third-person camera, it’s a tad tough.

Still, we’re here to give you all the help we can to get you through the excellent battles in this turn-based romp. If you’re still wondering if it’s good, check out our Fire Emblem Engage review. Or, to learn even more, we’ve got guides to Fire Emblem Engage classes, Fire Emblem Engage weapons, Fire Emblem Engage romance, and Fire Emblem Engage endings, so you’re ready for anything.

Anyway, here’s our Fire Emblem Engage tactics guide to help you on your way:

Fire Emblem Engage tactics basics

Here are the basic rules you need to know to get started in Fire Emblem Engage.

  • Battles are turn-based, with each character getting one turn each
  • Every character has a movement range and attack range
  • Melee weapons can only attack adjacent enemies
  • Ranged weapons have a variety of ranges
  • Characters and enemies can be attacked from four sides

So, you select your character, the enemy you want to attack, and go ahead and do it. That sounds pretty simple, right? Well, there’s more to it than that.

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The Fire Emblem weapon triangle

Fire Emblem has often had a weapon triangle in place – something it skipped for Three Houses – which returns in Engage. Here’s how that works.

  • Sword beats axe
  • Axe beats lance
  • Lance beats sword

So, if you attack a sword-wielding enemy with a lance, they will be unable to counterattack for the rest of your turn – no matter which of your allies attack after this moment, they are unable to respond until the turn ends.

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Fire Emblem Engage tactics tips

Here are our personal picks for the best ways to craft successful Fire Emblem Engage tactics.

Stay as a pack

If you keep your units tight in a pack, there are multiple benefits. Firstly, Chain Attacks can occur when other enemies are in range, giving you extra damage on an opponent you’re targeting.

Secondly, it reduces the number of times a single character can be hit. If your character’s out in the open, that’s four melee attack opportunities for the enemy. If they’re flanked on three sides by allies, that’s only one melee attack opportunity. If the enemy can, they will try and wipe out the weaker allies quickly, so do this to avoid it.

Make use of the map

The above point applies here too. If there are walls or pillars, make use of them. Reducing the number of sides that are vulnerable to attack is a key Fire Emblem Engage tactic. There are, however, many other terrain benefits and hindrances out there you should know, like water slowing down enemies and allies alike, or thickets increasing your chance of dodging an enemy attack (and vice versa).

Rewinding time

The time crystal mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage lets you turn back time to reverse a silly decision. Use it. There is no penalty for doing so, and it’s super easy to do. We all make mistakes sometimes. That’s okay. Be warned, though, unless you’re playing on the normal difficulty, rewinds are limited.

Use Engage attacks

Fire Emblem Engage Emblems let you perform devastating engage attacks. You can only stay engaged for three turns until your Emblem has to charge again. So, make sure you use your Engage attack during the time limit. Even if it’s a suboptimal moment, it’s better than nothing.

Equip the right weapons

While you can have multiple weapons on each character for the battle, they will counterattack with the one they have equipped. If you attack an enemy in your turn, the weapon used will stay equipped for the enemy’s turn. But if you’re not attacking, take note of the equipped weapon versus nearby enemies, and make sure you’ve chosen a good one.

That’s a rundown of our top Fire Emblem Engage tactics tips. Equipped with this, you’ll be good to ride straight to the end. For more, check out our Fire Emblem Engage rings, Fire Emblem engage amiibo, and Fire Emblem Engage trials to get even more tips.