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Fire Emblem Engage weapons

If you’re struggling to get your head around the Fire Emblem Engage weapons, our sharp-edged guide has all the info you need to pick out the right pieces

Screenshot of Marth with his weapon drawn for Fire Emblem Engage weapons guide

With so many possible weapons in your arsenal, it can be hard to decide on which of the Fire Emblem Engage weapons is best for your characters. So, we’ve made this guide listing all the available in-game weapons, as well as information on how to forge and upgrade your own tools of battle.

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All Fire Emblem Engage weapons

As is the standard for the series, Fire Emblem Engage has multiple weapon subclasses, including swords, lances, axes, bows, knives, staves, body arts, and tomes. Each of these classes has at least a couple of available weapons, and which you use completely depends on your build and how they suit your playstyle.

Weapon Variations
Swords Silver sword, silver dagger, steel blade, wo dao, steel sword, killing edge, armorslayer, iron blade, slim sword, iron sword, wyrmslayer, levin sword, slim sword, will glanz, georgios, caladbolg
Axes Silver axe, steel axe, compact axe, killer axe, hammer, hand axe, tomahaw, iron greataxe, poleaxe, ukonvasara
Lances Silver lance, killer lance, slim lance, spear, javelin, iron greatlance, steel lance, iron lance, flame lance, brionac
Bows Silver bow, steel bow, killer bow, radiant bow, longbow, mini bow, iron bow, brave bow, lendabair
Knives Short knife, iron dagger, steel dagger, stiletto, peshkatz, kard, misericorde, cinqueda
Body arts Steel-hand art, iron-body art, initiate art, shielding art, silver-spirit art, flashing fist art
Tomes Thunder, fire, surge, elthunder, elsurge, elfire, excalibur, bolganone, wind, nova, obscurite
Staffs Fracture, rewarp, physic, freeze, recover, silence, restore, heal, mend, obstruct, illume

Screenshot of Marth and the protagonist linking weapons for Fire Emblem Engage weapons guide

Where can I get Fire Emblem Engage weapons?

You can pick up new weapons at the armoury in Fire Emblem Engage’s Somniel. Fresh stock arrives as you power through the main story, so be sure to keep checking back and saving gold for any potent new pieces.

How do I improve Fire Emblem Engage weapons?

If you want to improve or strengthen your weapons, you need to head to the smithy in Somniel. It’s worth mentioning that you need to bring along some resources though, with iron, silver, steel, and gold needed to upgrade weapons to their maximum. If you’re feeling super creative, you can forge weapons here too, but with your equipment not deteriorating as in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it might be better to keep the resources for upgrades.

There you have it, all you need to know about the available Fire Emblem Engage weapons. For more top tactical titles, check out our picks for the best mobile strategy games and the best Switch strategy games.