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Five Stars tier list and reroll guide

Need a Five Star tier list? The fantasy collection RPG is filled with exciting characters to collect and train, so learn which to grab with our guide

Five Stars tier list: an anime character with a large sword readies an attack at a winged enemy

Five Star: Horizon of Memory is an exciting RPG currently making waves on mobile devices, with a stunning fantasy style and a small army of characters to collect. Finding and training them is hard work, so it’s worth your time to learn which ones to aim for. That’s where our Five Stars tier list comes in, as we do the hard work for you and let you know the very best of the fantasy bunch.

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Let’s dive into our Five Stars tier list.

Five Stars tier list

Tier Characters
S Tanaz, Artell, Red Flame Joshua, Veronica, Phantom Blade Grandell,
A Guardian Feria, Kaya, Arbiter Eric, Wind Pilgrim Elin, Brina, Ati, Saintless Rodia, Ruby, Shadia, Swordsman Elpis,
B Kalipso, Ilario, Elnaz, Diego, Shadia, Jeanne, Priscilla
C Latif, Elpis, Lucia, Rodia, Parens, Evangeline, Isolde, Viola
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Five Stars reroll guide

Staying ahead in battle means making the most of your pulls, and building the team with the best skill and higher stats. To reroll your initial free pulls, follow these instructions:

  • Complete the tutorial
  • Use your free summons
  • If you don’t get the characters you want, delete your account
  • Reinstall the game and repeat the process

Alright, that’s it for our Five Stars tier list for now folks, but bookmark this page to stay up to date with all the latest Five Stars information. For even more great guides, head on over to our articles on Five Stars codes next.