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Panilla Saga tier list and reroll guide

Our Panilla Saga tier list helps you build the best team in this gacha RPG, and shows you how to perform a Panilla Saga reroll if you don't get that S-rank hero

Panilla Saga tier list - three Panilla Saga characters ready for battle

Get ready to meet the Fates, with our Panilla Saga tier list. When diving into a gacha RPG like this, it can be really tough to work out which characters are worth pulling for, never mind which ones you should invest your hard earned materials and time into. Luckily, we’re here to rank each of the characters based on their performance in PvE and PvP play, so you know exactly who to build your teams around.

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Panilla Saga tier list

These rankings are for overall content, averaged out between PvP and PvE, meaning some characters may perform stronger or weaker in specific game modes, but generally slot into these ranks when it comes to how useful they are to pull.

Tier Panilla Saga character
S Anastasia, Aurora, Geironul, Goll, Hegomi, Ingemeier, Kaguya, Katarina, Kolokola, Magi, Mist, Molliere, Sif, Skogul
A Beo, Haitang, Hydra, Ingrid, Loga, Oliver, Reginleif, Roland,
B Arthur, Delilah, Hypnos, Linglan, Sen Enn, Teresa, Urya
C Andrey, Elena, Lawrence, Mortimer, Nancy, Nue, Oboro, Ogier, Oswell, Saud, Turpin, Yevgenia, Yuugao
D Arcadia, Celida, Dracula, Haya, Ostara, Rongxin, Vilges, Yorimasa & Nyudo

Panilla Saga tier list - a group of heroes in the heat of battle

How do I perform a Panilla Saga reroll?

If you don’t pull the characters you want the first (or second, or third…) time around, you can always perform a Panilla Saga reroll by following these steps.

  • Download and launch Panilla Saga
  • Sign in using a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial and prologue
  • Get to summoning

If you’re happy with your results, be sure to bind your account to a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account so you won’t lose your data in the future. If you’re not happy with your pulls, then continue through to the following steps.

  • Log out from the game
  • Delete the game’s data in your phone’s settings menu
  • Repeat the steps above until you pull the characters you want

That’s all for our Panilla Saga tier list and reroll guide. If you want more gacha goodness, check out our list of the best gacha games, and if you find a bunch that you like and need to make some space, head over to our guide on how to delete apps on iPhone.