Fortnite characters Chapter 4

The recent introduction of Fortnite characters allows you to get bonuses from meeting some friendly faces throughout the battle royales world

Fortnite characters: a bunch of Fortnite characters against a blue background, from punky, skater types to large iron man looking superhero fellas. Like the worst halloween party.

Fortnite characters were a unique addition when first introduced, but now they’re starting to feel a little more ordinary. They can sell you items, fight alongside you, or let you know where the storm will shrink to next. It can be super helpful in the ruthless world of a battle royale, so knowing your way around is key.

So, we’ve got all the latest Fortnite characters in Chapter 4 and explained where to find them, who they are, and what they do. Head below for that, or for more help, check out our Fortnite wallpapers, Fortnite download, and Fortnite creative guides to stay on top of your battle royale game.

Fortnite characters – Chapter 4

Name Location Use
Aura Crude Harbour (1) Hire
Diamond Diva Meadow Mansion (2) Hire
Evie Shore Shack (3) Rift
Frozen Fishstick Icy Islets (4) Shop
Frozen Red Knight Brutal Bastion (5) Hire
Helsie Hidden Henge (6) Hire
Joni the Red Rowdy Acres (7) Hire
Neymar Jr. Slappy Shores (8) Heal
Omega Knight Secluded Spire (9) Shop
Princess Felicity Fish Western Watch (10) Tip
Raptorian the Brave Pleasant Passage (11) Hire
Scrapknight Jules Faulty Splits (12) Shop
Snowheart Cold Cavern (13) Forecast
Sunflower Frenzy Fields (14) Shop
Surrr Burger Anvil Square (15) Prop
Wild Card Breakwater Bay (A), Royal Ruin (B), or Shattered Slabs (C) Shop

Fortnite characters map

Fortnite characters: a map with various numbers up to 15 on it showing where various characters are in Fortnite.

There you have all the Fortnite characters and how to find them. Check out our Fortnite leaks, Fortnite toys, and Fortnite patch notes for even more.