Fortnite Creative: the best codes and how it works

Want some great Fortnite Creative codes? We've gathered the best from around the internet so you can get gaming with some thrilling new modes and maps.

Fortnite creative: a Fortnite avatar holds up their phone to create a map

The Fortnite Creative mode launched way back in December 2018, giving players a new way to flex their creativity. While Fortnite’s typical gameplay is associated with running from a shrinking zone and gunning down foes, Fortnite Creative gives you the freedom to, well, create what you want. Some players craft obstacle courses, while others recreate their favourite maps from other games.

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If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Fortnite Creative island, or simply want something cool to play with your friends, then you should check out some Fortnite Creative codes. These will let you play other peoples’ creations. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites that you can see below.

Using Fortnite Creative codes is easy: simply load into Fortnite Creative, walk up to a featured rift, and then hold the ‘use’ key to gain access to the code menu.

Now then, let’s move on to some of the best Fortnite creative codes we’ve found…

CS:GO Dust 2 Map

Code: 8784-9694-5171

Arguably one of the most iconic maps when it comes to shooters in the esports space, it was inevitable we’d see it pop up in Fortnite Creative. Grab some friends, and go toe-to-toe in CS:GO’s Dust 2.

Star Wars Star Destroyer

Code: 1653-9066-2637

This one is something to marvel at and explore. Jump aboard and stumble across everything from a hanger of Tie-fighters to crew quarters. It’s not until you go outside, though, that you’ll truly see how big this chonky lad is.

Resident Evil 2’s Raccoon City Police Department

Code: 9201-6033-0988

If you’ve recently played Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake, then this one probably caught your eye immediately. This recreation of Raccoon City’s police department is a tad like the Star Destroyer, as part of the joy is wandering around. Keep your wits about you, though, as this Fortnite Creative project also has zombies and puzzles to deal with.

YouTube Thumbnail


Code: 8179-7650-3099

We’ve seen a notable uptick in cyberpunk-related content of late – I wonder why. Jokes aside, Cybernite is a wonderful creation of a neon bathed city that meshes hi-tech with low-life. The gamemode here is a classic treasure hunt, so expect to dart about and nab goodies in a dystopian city.

Hide & Seek: The Invisible Man

Code: 1700-7800-1077

The good news is that the invisible man is the one doing the seeking. The bad news, however, is that he’s armed with a harvesting tool and a revolver – omph. There are some classic horror vibes here thanks to the black and white visuals. It makes hiding in a big tower all the more stylish.

The Gauntlet – Snipers vs. Runners

Code: 5541-5735-8519

This one will be familiar if you’ve played Duck Hunt on Halo 3. The premise is pretty simple, one team tries to run through a maze while the other team tries to stop them. If you do manage to evade the snipers, you’ll get the chance to fly to their base and exact revenge – lovely.

Musical Cars – by Krisp

Code: 0436-9073-6958

If you’ve played musical chairs, you’ll quickly understand the concept here. While the music is playing you can annoy your friends with chill grenades, but the second it stops you’ll have to scramble to get in a car before everyone else. And yes, it’s really difficult with frozen feet.

Prison Breakout

Code: 6531-4403-0726

A hugely popular map at the moment, this is a great one for playing together with pals. Choose whether you want to be a prisoner or a guard, and then take part in different missions, battles, and even decorate an apartment!

Loki TVA: Prop Hunt

Code: 7578-6801-8619

One for Marvel fans everywhere, this is a gigantic game of hide-and-seek, with the twist being it takes part in the wildly popular TVA map. Explore space as your favourite trickster god on this great map.

How to use Fortnite Creative

The way Fortnite Creative works is quite simple. You press the option off the main menu and pick which map you’d like to terraform into your own creation. Once you have something you’d like to share, you can generate a Fortnite Creative code to let others see what you’re working on. This extends both ways, obviously, and you can use Fortnite Creative codes to see what other people have made.

First off you’ll need to load into Fortnite Battle Royale and click the button above the play option. Here, you’ll be able to select the Creative mode option that’ll take you to a small slab of land with stone pillars. You should see various portals that’ll take you to different versions of land. Think of these as your empty canvases and pick the one you like the look of.

Once you’ve touched down, you can open your menu to check out all the options at your disposal to build up your map. Have a play around with these and see what you come up with – practice makes perfect, after all. You’ll also notice a tool called the AR Phone – this allows you to grab, flip, and duplicate objects and structures you’ve already placed.

If you’re wondering how to set match rules, simply hit your escape menu button, and you should see a yellow button that says “my island”. Once you’re there, you should have various options to change the rules or set a timer for your game session. The rest is down to you and your imagination, so have a play around and practise until you can create what you like!

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