New Fortnite dances for Chapter 4

With a new era of the megahit battle royale comes a whole load of new Fortnite dances, different dance moves you can make the Doom Slayer or Geralt perform.

Fortnite dances - three silhouettes posing mid dance on a mango-yellow background.

Fortnite dances coincided perfectly with the rise of TikTok and a whole wave of emote obsessions. They’re simple animations you can make your chosen character perform in-game to let out your inner emotions depending on the situation.

So, we’ve collected all the latest Fortnite chapter 4 emotes available so far so you can see what sort of dances you can perform in the hit battle royale. Once you’re all done, check out our Fortnite map, Fortnite characters, Fortnite battle pass, Fortnite download, and Fortnite logo guides to stay abreast of all the essential info.

Fortnite dances gallery

Here’s a gallery of the latest Fortnite emotes:

Fortnite dances list

Here are all the new emotes added in Fortnite chapter 4:

  • Where ya going?
  • Hero analysis
  • Symbol of peace
  • Beast blastin’
  • Master of puppets
  • Hulk smash
  • Bounce wit’ it
  • Stake your claim
  • Balance board
  • Boba snack
  • Hypnot eyes
  • Lunar party
  • Mini Slayer fistbump
  • All mights transform
  • Call to arms
  • Called shot
  • Curling iron
  • I need you to concentrate
  • Igni sign
  • Izukus quirk

There you have it, all the latest Fortnite emotes. For more, check out our Fortnite leaks, Fortnite Llama, and Fortnite creative guides to keep on learning.