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The best Fortnite horror map codes

There’s no time like the present to get some spooky downloads with our list of the best Fortnite horror map codes for a scary time.

Fortnite horror maps: an Escape Room with a figure holding an axe

Players beware, you’re in for a scare! Are you missing Halloween already? Not to worry, we’ve got a list of the best Fortnite horror map codes that we could find, filled with scares and shocks. There are single-player maps here, and multiplayer, so no matter what you’re after, you can find it – want to pretend you’re in Area 51? Or run from Jason Voorhees? Then keep reading! We’ve got plenty of Creative 2.0 horror maps on this list, plus the creators of each map, as well as the code, so you can copy it right into the game.

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So, let’s get spooky with our list of the best Fortnite Creative 2.0 horror maps codes.

Fortnite horror maps: The Outlast asylum building rebuilt in Fortnite

Outlast – iFrost-Origins

Outlast is definitely one of the best single-player horror experiences you can play, and this map is an entire recreation of the game, in Fortnite! This means you can go on a scary solo adventure without purchasing a new game or relive Outlast in a slightly different setting.

  • 8752-7425-3922

Fortnitemare on Addison Street's setting in Fortnite

Fortnitemare on Addison Street – NJCheckmate

Based on the classic Nightmare on Elm Street is NJCheckmate’s Fortnitemare on Addison Street. Though it doesn’t feature the classic killer, it’s still a good romp. Set late at night on Halloween, this single-player puzzle sees things get strange when someone visits the Puppermaster’s mansion.

  • 7078-9716-9274

Fortnite horror maps: A very scary Christmas Clown peeking around a corner

The Christmas Clown – AFK_Venom

This map is one to save for the festive season! The Christmas Clown plays upon the popular fear of clowns, and is set in the story of a family’s Christmas meal going wrong. Explore this festive nightmare and discover what’s really going on behind the scenes as you attempt to escape.

  • 3704-6333-1878

Fortnite horror maps Kurogiku Danchi: A deserted stairwell with ominous debris

Kurogiku Danchi – Sein

Kurogiku Danchi is an escape map for up to four players, and is reminiscent of the Chilla’s Art games, with a similar eerie feel and a horror theme. Your task is to escape an apartment block where scary events keep taking place, and an eerie atmosphere descends. This game is mostly in Japanese but is pretty straightforward to figure out. Not knowing what comes next truly adds to the fear, too.

  • 5819-0156-4100 

Fortnite horror maps: an Escape Room with a figure holding an axe

Escape Room: Claustrophobia – SundayCW

SundayCW has made quite a few good Fortnite maps, but their Escape Room: Claustrophobia remains a classic. To escape, you need to avoid the guards – or take them out. There are plenty of puzzles waiting to be solved so you can locate the exit, and discover where it really is that you’ve been all this time.

  • 8907-1015-4245

Fortnite horror maps: Camp Cystal Lake of Friday the 13th remade in Fortnite

Friday the 13th – Hfdgamer

Why not take another trip down to Camp Crystal Lake, where Jason Voorhees is on a rampage once again? You, as a camper, must locate and break all of the generators on the map to win, but all the while, one of your fellow players will be Jason, hunting you down.

  • 0783-3066-4615

Fortnite horror maps: an ominous building in Area 51

Area 51 Deathrun – ICIFYED

So, you wanted to see some aliens, right? Well, you did, and now you’re trapped in Area 51 and need to escape. As a Deathrun, you need to be quick if you want to survive this map and get out before the monsters swarm around you.

  • 8023-3303-2641

Fortnite horror maps: The Lab Escape map's starting room with a chair and machinery

The Lab Escape – Wishbone45

Set in a creepy, hospital-like building, the Lab Escape will have players wake up in a dark room with not much to be seen other than a chair, and some machinery. Your task is to find your way out of the lab before you meet your demise. Weird things will constantly happen as you attempt to escape including some jump scares and unsettling sounds.

  • 7653-6246-4698

Fortnite horror maps: a view of the Bush Murder Mystery map

Bush Murder Mystery – ssundee

The Bush Murder Mystery map is a fully automated game for up to 16 players. One is the Killer, one is a Sherrif, and the rest are innocents. The map functions as a hide-and-seek game mode, where players must avoid the killer and figure out which teammate it is. Why is it called the Bush mystery? Because you can hide in bushes, or disguise yourself as one. 

  • 8264-8633-7652

There you have it, our picks for the best Fortnite Creative 2.0 horror maps codes. For more Fortnite goodies, check out our list of the best Fortnite skins, or even the best Minecraft skins if you’re looking for another classic game to revisit.