Where to buy Fortnite Nerf guns

Bring Fortnite fun to the real world with these epic Fortnite Nerf guns. Whether they're for you or a loved one, they're sure to bring home that Chicken dinner

Fornite Nerf gun SR Heavy blaster leaning against a log

Whether you’re looking to have a blast at an upcoming outdoor event, or you’re on the hunt for a gift for that special Fortnite fan in your life, the epic range of official Fortnite Nerf guns is sure to pack a punch. In this guide we go over every official blaster, Super Soaker, and Microshot, along with links for where to buy them, so you can get to grips with an awesome IRL arsenal right away.

If you’re itching to dive back into the virtual world to see what all the fuss is about, head over to our Fortnite download guide. We’ve also got a list of the best Fortnite wallpapers, along with a roundup of the best Fortnite skins and all the latest Fortnite patch notes. Or, if you’re looking for more gift ideas, we’ve also got a selection of top-tier Fortnite toys and gifts to help you bring home the Chicken dinner for your family and friends.

Without further ado, let’s snag that chicken dinner with this list of all Fortnite Nerf guns.

Foam Blaster Fortnite Nerf guns

This range of OG blasters are kitted out Fortnite-style to amplify the fun. With a range of manual, pump action, and motorised options to choose from, there’s truly something for every Fortnite fan.

Fortnite Nerf gun heavy SR blaster

Fortnite Nerf Heavy SR blaster

At a whopping 43 inches (1.1 metres) from barrel to stock, the Heavy SR Blaster is the longest Nerf Fortnite Blaster ever. Featuring a red camo wrap from the game, a removable scope to help you get those long-distance shots in, and a six-dart clip, this beauty is sure to turn the tides of any blaster battle. Complete with six official Nerf Mega foam darts that you unleash through bolt-action priming, the Heavy SR Blaster needs no batteries – just load it up and fire.

Fortnite Nerf gun B-AR blaster

Fortnite Nerf B-AR blaster

Featuring the iconic Fortnite converge wrap, the B-AR is a motorised dart blaster that helps you charge up for action, firing off ten darts in a row. It comes with a removable ten-dart clip and ten official Nerf Elite foam darts to load it up with – just slot the clip in place, hold down the acceleration button, and pull the trigger to unleash foamy fury! The Nerf Fortnite B-AR requires four C batteries, not included.

Fortnite Nerf gun pump SG blaster

Fortnite Nerf Pump SG blaster

Boasting a vibrant, Fortnite-themed colour scheme, and powerful pump-action, the Pump SG Blaster emulates the feel of a pump-action shotgun – but is, of course, far safer than wielding one of those! Prepare for action by opening the side food on this breech-load blaster, slipping one dart inside, pumping the slide backwards, then unleashing your shot. Complete with four Nerf Mega darts, this cool piece of kit is entirely hand-powered by you, no batteries required.

Fortnite Nerf gun BASR-L bolt action blaster

Fortnite Nerf BASR-L blaster

The Fortnite BASR-L is a bolt-action, clip-fed blaster with a yellow, orange, and black colour scheme. It comes with a removable scope complete with crosshairs to help your aiming, and a long, flared muzzle to enhance your long-distance shots. To get blastin’, all you have to do is load six darts into the detachable clip, slot it in place, and pull back the bolt to prime for firing. To unleash another dart, pull the bolt backwards and forwards, then unleash that trigger. The BASR-L comes with twelve official Nerf elite foam darts, no batteries required.

Fortnite Nerf gun SMG-E motorized blaster

Fortnite Nerf SMG-E blaster

Launch yourself into your next Nerf battle with the motorised Fortnite SMG-E blaster. With its funky, chunky design, awesome colour scheme, an iron sigh, spikes, and more embossed details, it looks super cool – but it also works like a dream, too. Remove the clip to load it with up to six darts, hold down the acceleration button, and then unleash them one at a time with powerful, precise shots. The blaster comes with six official Nerf elite darts. Requires four AA batteries, not included.

Fortnite Nerf gun RL blaster

Fortnite Nerf RL blaster

If you’re more of a rocket-launcher kind of person, the Nerf Fortnite RL blaster is the one for you. I mean, just look at this thing – from the iron sights, to the massive foam rockets, to the fierce face, it’s gotta be one of the coolest blasters in town.

Get to action by loading one fort-wrecking rocket into the front of the barrel, then grasp the hand and push it forward to extend the barrel. Finally, pull the handle back to send that rocket hurtling through the air. The Nerf Fortnite RL blaster is entirely hand-powered, no batteries required, and comes with two hollow-tip foam rockets. You can also purchase a separate pack of four more official Nerf foam rockets.

Fortnite Nerf gun AR-L blaster

Fortnite Nerf AR-L blaster

The Nerf Fortnite AR-L blaster replicates the Fortnite feel with its bright yellow body, cool colour scheme and accents, and more. Another motorised unit, it comes with a ten-dart clip and two sights to help you align your shot, making it great for long-distance firing. Simply fill up the clip, snap it into place, hold the acceleration button, and pull the trigger to unleash one precise shot at a time. The AR-L comes with 20 official Nerf Fortnite elite darts. It requires four AA batteries, not included.

Fortnite Nerf gun GL rocket blaster

Fortnite Nerf GL blaster

The Nerf Fortnite GL blaster is a big-barrelled beauty, firing six large foam rockets from its rotating drum. Load up the drum, then push the handle all the way forward to make it rotate, priming it into its rocket-firing position. Then, all you need to do is pull the handle all the way back to blast that rocket at your target. The GL blaster comes with six official hollow-tip foam rockets. It’s hand-powered and doesn’t require batteries.

Microshot Fortnite Nerf guns

They may be small, but these Microshot Nerf guns can still pack a foamy punch – plus, their designs are totally awesome. Fishstick, Peely, Rainbow Smash, and more all make their colourful appearance in these pocket-sized blasters and, whether you’re in a fully-fledged Nerf battle or firing off some shots at a stack of cans, they’re a super cool addition to any Fortnite fan’s collection.

Each of the Fortnite Nerf microshots comes with two foam darts, and can fire one shot at a time. Just load a dart into the front of the blaster, pull down the handle to prime, aim your shot, and hit the trigger.

Here are all of the Microshot Fortnite Nerf guns that are currently available.

Fortnite Nerf gun llama microshot

Nerf Fortnite Microshots Rainbow Smash

Get blasting fast with this micro Rainbow Smash.

Fortnite nerf gun llama microshot

Fortnite Nerf Microshots Llama

This llama is anything but lame-a, and it’ll be sure to al-pack-a punch!


Fortnite Nerf gun RL microshot

Fortnite Nerf Microshots RL

Mini rocket launcher, anyone? That iconic, toothy grin is pretty infectious.


Fortnite nerf gun Peely microshot

Fortnite Nerf Microshots Peely

Be sure not to slip with Peely at your side! Look at that sweet, smiling face, this lil’ guy can’t wait to unleash some chaos, one foam dart at a time.


Fortnite Nerf gun AR-L microshot

Fortnite Nerf Microshots AR-L

Grab this mini version of the AR-L to carry a piece of the action with you wherever you go.

Fortnite Nerf gun HC-R microshot

Fortnite Nerf Microshots HC-R

Something borrowed, something blue, something to shoot a dart for you.


Fortnite Nerf gun TS microshot

Fortnite Nerf Microshots TS

Though it may be little, it is fierce – with such a cool design, it has to be.

Super Soaker Fortnite Nerf guns

If you’re looking to unleash watery vengeance on your enemies instead of foam darts, the Fortite super soaker range is for you. There are currently three Super Soaker Fortnite Nerf guns to add to your arsenal.

Fortnite Nerf gun RL super soaker

Fortnite Nerf RL water blaster

A water-based version of the RL blaster, the Nerf Fortnite RL water blaster, is a powerful, pump-action super soaker with an epic, rocket launcher-style design. Holding up to 9.3 fluid ounces (275 ml) of water in its easy-to-fill tank, all you need to do is submerge the nozzle in water and pull back the handle to fill the tank. Then it only takes a couple of pumps to send a huge stream of water at your targets, unleashing a torrential storm in style.


Fortnite Nerf gun pump-SG water blaster

Fortnite Nerf Pump-SG water blaster

On the hunt for a water blaster with a shotgun vibe? Then the Nerf Fortnite Pump-SG is for you. A water counterpart to the standard blaster version, this little beast allows you to soak up the fun with pump-action water blasting. Just open the cap, fill the tank with water, plug it up, take aim, pump, and unleash extreme soakage on your target.

Fortnite Nerf gun Burst AR super soaker

Fortnite Nerf Burst AR water blaster

With its flared muzzle, compact body, and striking red and white colour scheme, the Fortnite Burst AR water blaster is the perfect soaker for making a splash at range. With an easy-to-fill tank, all you have to do is pop the cap open, fill the tank, fix the cap back in place, take aim, and get pumping to have a blast.

Micro Super Soaker Fortnite Nerf guns

Like the Microshot range, these mini super soakers are the perfect portable allies in small-scale battles, or when you’re out messing around in the garden.

They’re easy to carry and come in a bunch of awesome designs, which makes them perfect collectibles, stocking fillers, or a little gift for that special Fortnite fan in your life. To get blasting, simply flip up the cap, fill the tank, pop the lid back down, and pull the trigger. Easy to fill, easy to fire!

Fortnite Nerf gun Fishstick micro water blaster

Micro Fortnite Nerf Super Soaker Fishstick

Everyone loves Fishtick – that is, until he’s splashing them in the face with a mouthful of water!


Fortnite Nerf gun Slurpfish micro water blaster

Micro Fortnite Nerf Super Soaker Slurpfish

Slurp it up, then make a splash with this awesome Slurpfish micro soaker. The watery, translucent body even helps you see how much fuel you’ve got in the tank.


Fortnite Nerf gun Beef Boss micro water blaster

Micro Fortnite Nerf Super Soaker Beef Boss

Got beef with someone? Time to squash it with your old pal, Beef Boss.

And that’s all the official Fortnite Nerf guns on offer right now. When you’re done having a blast in the real world, dive back into the gaming universe with our list of the best mobile shooters. Ready, aim, tap!