Fortnite map for chapter 4, season 3

With chapter 4 season 3, the Fortnite map has had an overhaul, bringing new locations, characters, and loot hordes to help you out in this battle royale hit.

Various characters look at the Fortnite map from a cliff, with golden sun lighting the island.

Epic Games’ battle royale hit is ever-changing to keep things fresh. The Fortnite map is no exception, with many changes throughout the years. Finding loot, characters, and other treats is key to victory, so knowing the map is a vital skill.

To get the upper hand, head below for all the Fortnite map’s chapter 4 season 3 hot spots for the best loot. For more help finding stuff, check out our Fortnite characters guide. We’ve also got Fortnite leaks, Fortnite download, and Fortnite battle pass guides if you need even more tips and tricks.

Okay, let’s get cartographical.

The Fortnite map with different terrain colours: green for trees, yellow for autumnal scenes, and white for the snowy bit, with placenames all over the map.

Fortnite map

Above, you can find the Fortnite map for chapter 4, season 3. All the points of interest can become hot spots – so head onwards to find out how to tell where they are.

How do I find hot spots on the Fortnite map?

To find hot spots in Fortnite, open up the map and look at the different place names. If a place’s name is golden, it means there’s a hot spot there. Head there to find drones full of loot for extra goodies to help you win.

The in-game Fortnite map all shaded and blue with question marks where undiscovered locations are.

As you can see in the Fortnite map photo above, even if the places are undiscovered, you can still see the golden hue signifying that there’s good loot there. Now you know all that, why not check out our Fortnite Nerf guns, Fortnite creative, and Fortnite wallpapers for more assistance?