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Today’s free Monopoly Go dice links - January 10

Are you in need of free Monopoly Go dice links for January 10? Then look no further, our guide provides you with the link and tells you how to redeem it.

A graphic for today's Monopoly Go free dice list showing the Monopoly Man looking cute, outlined in white and pasted on a slightly blurred background of one of the Monopoly Go boards.

If you need free Monopoly Go dice links for today, then you’ve come to the right place. Our guide lists all of the active links for January 10, lets you know exactly how to redeem, and even gives you an idea of where you can get even more free dice from.

If you missed out on yesterday’s treats, our free Monopoly Go dice links list has every link from the last ten days, just in case they’re still active. For more goodies, head over to our Coin Master free spins list and Monopoly Go Garden Partners guide.

Here are all of today’s free Monopoly Go dice links – January 10:

How do I redeem today’s free Monopoly Go dice links?

To redeem any of today’s free Monopoly Go dice links, you need to follow these two easy steps:

  1. Reach level 15 and unlock the album feature
  2. Click on any of today’s links on the device that you use to play Monopoly Go

The game will then automatically open on your device and if the link is successfully redeemed a pop-up will appear that shows how many free rolls you’ve received.

Where do I get more free Monopoly Go dice?

If you’ve already run out of dice from out list above, here are some ways to pick up extra Monopoly Go dice without the help of links:

  • Complete albums
    • Whenever you complete events or tournaments and level up your net worth, among other things, you earn a sticker. Once you collect enough stickers from a certain album you receive rewards that can include free dice.
  • Community Chests
    • You can earn ten free dice rolls by helping a friend open their Community Chests
  • Level up your net worth
    • Purchase buildings, upgrade your town, and perform other tasks to level up your net worth. You can receive loads of free dice for every level you reach.
  • Make friends
    • If you invite a friend to play Monopoly Go and they accept, you receive a hefty 30 free dice. So get out there and ask your real-life friends to start playing Monopoly Go!
  • Just wait
    • This is the easiest option, simply wait a certain amount of time depending on your level and the game rewards you with one free dice.

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