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Genshin Impact Pierro

First of the Fatui is Genshin Impact’s Pierro, a mighty Khaenri’an who leads the Harbingers as they work across Teyvat's seven nations.

Genshin Impact Pierro's debut appearance in the Winter Night's Lazzo trailer

We’re introducing each of the Fatui Harbingers, and now it’s Genshin Impact’s Pierro’s turn. He’s the big cheese in charge, the first of the Fatui, and he is likely to create havoc for the Traveler when we meet him in Teyvat. For now, let’s mop up the crumbs we know about his story and personality – we’ll save build speculation for later down the line.

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Who is Genshin Impact’s Pierro?

Pierro, known as The Jester, is the first member of the Fatui, and Director of the Harbingers. Though it isn’t necessarily confirmed, this places him as number one of the Harbingers, too. Pierro originates from Khaenri’ah, as evidenced by his primogem-shaped iris and the mask covering the right side of his face.

The description of the circlet item of the Pale Flame artifact set – the Mocking Mask – is actually a quote of Pierro’s, and it provides a little look at his past.

Since the stain of my compatriots’ blood cannot be cleansed, I shall become The Jester, who laughs in the face of fate. Since my level of learning could not compare with the sages, I failed to earn the favour of the previous ruler. So too did I fail to stop them from tearing away the veil of sin, ushering in a tide of divine wrath, destruction, and foolishness… Then I shall become instead a fool, a Fatuus, and devote myself to Her Majesty, who understands my pain…

My name is Pierro, The Jester. Please listen to the words I have to say:

Proud Fatui comrades, I know your hearts harbour both the fires of rage and the cold of eternal winter. Each one of us has borne witness to the absurd callousness of the foundational principles of this world. So, let us don our masks in mockery of the world as we go forth and rewrite the rules of destiny.”

This correlates to the corresponding name from the Commedia Dell’arte – Pierrot, the sad clown, fool, or jester. He states that he would ‘become a fool’ and follow the Genshin Impact Tsaritsa, which at first glance may look like he would be a loyal follower, but can be interpreted in a more sinister way: what if he is using her, and plans to overthrow the Fatui at some point?

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Pierro has been a very busy member of the Fatui already. He personally recruited Genshin Impact’s La Signora, Scaramouche, and Genshin Impact’s Dottore to the team, and possibly even more of the Harbingers. He pinned Tartaglia’s electro delusion on him, too, which is sort of sweet if you disregard the negative connotations.

Speaking of Genshin Impact’s Tartaglia, his voice line about The Jester implies that Pierro and the Tsaritsa have different ideals, as he swore loyalty to her, not Pierro. Genshin Impact’s Scaramouche, a previous Harbinger, seems to think that Pierro wants something from him, and remembers being sent on previous important missions by him.

Some more of The Jester’s exploits include when he orchestrated the Tatarasuna Furnace fandango in Inazuma by sending Dottore to sabotage the furnace. This is where Dottore met Scaramouche and introduced him to Pierro, who then recruited him to the Fatui.

In ‘A Winter Night’s Lazzo’, showing off all the Harbingers mourning La Signora, Pierro comments on the Tsaritsa’s gift of absolute peace thanks to her benevolence. He then promises La Signora that her final resting place will be “the entirety of the Old World”, showing he’s got some very big plans up his sleeve.

Genshin Impact Pierro's outfit and appearance

Will Genshin Impact’s Pierro be playable?

Like a lot of the Fatui Harbingers, we are yet to meet Pierro in the game, so we can’t say whether he’ll become a playable character just yet. There’s every chance he will, but equally every chance he won’t.

What do we know about Genshin Impact Pierro’s build?

Pierro’s potential build is a mystery for now, but given that he was a Khaenri’an mage, it may point towards him focusing on elemental damage, or perhaps even using a catalyst weapon.

Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers stood around a table

Who are Genshin Impact Pierro’s voice actors?

Pierro’s voice actors are revealed to be Yasuhiro Mamiya in Japanese, Richard Tatum in English, and Fu Chong in Chinese.

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