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Genshin Impact Shakkei Pavilion - how to complete Tatara Tales and unlock the pavilion

Find out how to complete the Tatara Tales world quest and get to Genshin Impact’s Shakkei Pavilion, and learn what rewards await

The doors to Shakkei Pavilion opening

Genshin Impact is full of awesome locations, interesting quests, and plenty of cool goodies. Shakkei Pavilion is one of these locations, it offers up a heap of great loot, but can be a little tricky to access. You will need to complete a specific world quest and get your hands on some firepower in order to clear the path.

That’s where we come in. In this Genshin Impact Shakkei Pavilion guide, we will show you how to complete the Tatara Tales world quest, use the Kamuijima Canon, and gain access to Shakkei Pavilion. We’ve also included a list of all the first time completion rewards you can snag from the pavilion, and details on how to navigate your way around it.

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How do I complete the Tatara Tales world quest and unlock Shakkei Pavilion?

As mentioned above, you will need to first get to a specific point in the Tatara Tales world quest. As soon as you get access to the Kamujima cannons, you will be able to clear the path to Shakkei Pavilion. Keep in mind that Tatara Tales is a chain quest that will unlock daily based on server time, so you may not be able to complete all of this in one go. Here’s how you unlock the Kamujima cannons and clear the path.

A map of all the canon locations

  • Head to Kujou Encampment and talk to Toranosuke. They will be next to the teleport waypoint
  • Talk to Miyuki and Toranosuke
  • Follow the mark, which will lead you to Xavier. Talk to him
  • There will be three locations marked on the map. Head to them and observe the Mikage furnace
  • Report back to Xavier
  • Examine the Kamuijima cannons (you can now continue this mission, or move on to the next step in unlocking Shakkei Pavilion)
  • Use the cannons to destroy the barriers
  • Return to Xavier and defeat the enemies that appear
  • Go to Mikage Furnace and take a picture of the gigantic device
  • Report back to Xavier

When you gain access to the Kamuijima canons, you can teleport or take a waverider to the south cannon. You need to use electrogranum to activate the cannon, but there are sources for this nearby. Turn the cannon to the left, and aim at the large stone rubble, then fire a round to clear a path. You will know you’ve succeeded if a yellow flash appears – if not, keep adjusting your angle and firing until it does.

After the yellow flash appears, you can summon your waverider and sail to the Pavilion.

A waverider sailing towards the pavilion

How do I navigate Shakkei Pavillion?

In order to get through Shakkei Pavillion, follow these steps.

  • Use your plunging attack to break brittle floors, which are easily spotted by their visible cracks
  • Defeat enemies along the path – there will be two Nobushi Jintouban and two Nobushi Hitsukeban, the latter of which is infused with electricity by the nearby armour
  • Pick up the three amulets from the shrine
  • Open the main door with the three amulets
  • Defeat two final enemies – Fatui Pyro Agent and Fatui Mirror Maiden

What rewards do I get for completing Shakkei Pavilion?

Upon first completing Shakkei Pavillion, you will receive the following.

  • 40 primogems
  • 500 adventure exp
  • Five electro sigils
  • Capricious Visage four-star artifact
  • Two guides to elegance
  • Three hero’s wit
  • Five mystic enhancement ore
  • 30k mora

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