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Genshin Impact Baizhu build

Genshin Impact’s Baizhu is stepping away from his duties at Bubu Pharmacy to flex his healing powers. Learn about his build, weapons, artifacts, and more here.

Genshin Impact's Baizhu drop shadowed on a green PT background

Genshin Impact’s Baizhu is a five-star dendro catalyst user and healer who has been around since our first visit to Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. With an interesting kit capable of healing, shielding, and driving elemental reactions, he’s a fine mixture of pharmacist and harm-assist, and we’re here to help you make the most of his powers with our guide to the best Genshin Impact Baizhu build, featuring his skills, best weapons and artifacts, materials, and more.

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So let’s dive into everything you need to know about the best Genshin Impact Baizhu build.

What’s the best Genshin Impact Baizhu build?

Best weapon Jadefall’s Splendor
Weapon alternatives Prototype Amber or Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
Best artifact set Deepwood Memories (dendro support) or Ocean-Hued Clam (main healer)
Artifact set alternatives Instructor
Main stats
  • Sands: HP% or energy recharge
  • Goblet: HP%
  • Circlet: HP%
  • HP%
  • Energy recharge
  • Elemental mastery

Baizhu’s best five-star weapon is Jadefall’s Splendor, which is unsurprising as it’s his signature weapon. However, R5 Prototype Amber is much cheaper and often outperforms Jadefall’s Splendor. His best dendro support artifact set is Deepwood Memories and his best main healer set is Ocean-Hued Clam. All of Baizhu’s skills scale based on his HP, so make sure to build his HP, HP%, energy recharge, and elemental mastery.

When leveling up Baizhu’s talents, we recommend prioritizing his elemental burst first, then his elemental skill, followed by his normal attack. We also recommend getting Baizhu to level 90 to make the most of his kit.

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How should I use Baizhu?

Baizhu is a solid support character that excels in quickswap aggravate, bloom, and hyperbloom teams. However, due to his ability to heal allies, and even shield them through his burst, he appears to be pretty flexible, and slots comfortably into many team comps, especially those that can benefit from dendro reactions.

Sadly, mono-dendro isn’t really a viable team comp, but you can certainly pair Baizhu with other dendro units like Genshin Impact’s Kaveh or Genshin Impact’s Alhaitham to trigger Sprawling Greenery and buff your team’s elemental mastery.

Both Baizhu’s elemental skill and elemental burst deal dendro damage to enemies while healing or protecting your team. Use his skill to apply dendro to enemies and heal nearby allies, then follow up with his burst to shield your active character and deal dendro damage when the shield breaks.

What are the best weapons for Baizhu?

As with most five-star characters, Baizhu has his own signature five-star catalyst called Jadefall’s Splendor, which Hoyo tailored specifically to his kit. It’s great for restoring energy when Baizhu uses his shield, scales off his max HP, and boosts off-field dendro damage in aggravate, bloom, or hyperbloom teams.

Of course, five-star weapons can be hard to get your hands on, so here are some alternatives. For a healing-focused build, Prototype Amber is your best shot, due to its skill-supporting energy recharge. Alternatively, the famed three-star Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers at top refinement is a strong choice for both healer and dendro support roles due to its high HP and the attack buff it provides to your team.

Weapon Effect How to obtain
Jadefall’s Splendor Bonus stat: HP
Skill: for three seconds after using his elemental burst or creating a shield, Baizhu can gan the Primordial Jade Regalia effect which restores 4.5 energy every 2.5 seconds, and grans him a 0.3% dendro damage bonus for every 1,000 max HP he possesses, up to 12%. Primordial Jade Regalia still takes effect even if Baizhu is not on the field
Prototype Amber Bonus stat: HP
Skill: when you use an elemental burst, you regenerate four energy every two seconds for six seconds. All party members regenerate 4% HP every two seconds for this duration
Forge via blacksmith
Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers Bonus stat: HP
Skill: when you switch characters, the attack of the new character taking to the field increases by 24% for ten seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds

What are the best Baizhu artifacts?

For main healer Baizhu, we believe Ocean-Hued Clam is the best option, as it boosts both his healing and physical damage substantially. As a dendro support, Baizhu makes a great holder for Deepwood Memories, which provides a super handy team-wide buff. However, if you plan on pairing him with another character equipped with Deepwood Memories, go with a different set or a mix of both Deepwood and Ocean-Hued Clam, as the four-piece team-wide buff doesn’t stack.

If you want to try out building the extremely rare DPS Baizhu, Deepwood Memories is still your best pick for artifacts. The main difference to the healer build is that you want to roll for elemental mastery stats rather than HP.

Artifact set Effect How to obtain
Ocean-Hued Clam Two equipped: healing bonus +15%
Four equipped: upon healing a party member, a foam appears accumulating healed HP for three seconds. The foam then explodes and deals 90% of the HP healed as damage to nearby enemies. Max accumulated healing is 30k HP, including over-heal. Only one foam can exist at a time, but it remains even if the equipping character leaves the field. Foam cooldown is 3.5 seconds
Slumbering Court domain, For Hiraumi, Seirai Island, Inazuma
Deepwood Memories Two equipped: dendro damage bonus +15%
Four equipped: after elemental skills or bursts hit opponents, the targets’ dendro resistance decreases by 30% for eight seconds. This effect can trigger even when Baizhu isn’t on the field (team-wide buff, doesn’t stack if more than one member of your party equips this set)
Spire of Solitary Enlightenment domain, Avidya Forest, Sumeru
Instructor Two equipped: elemental mastery +80
Four equipped: upon triggering an elemental reaction, increases all party members’ elemental mastery by 120 for eight seconds
Chests, enemy drops

Artifact stat recommendations

Main stats:

  • Sands: HP% or energy recharge
  • Goblet: HP%
  • Circlet: HP%


  • HP%
  • Energy recharge
  • Elemental mastery

What are the best Baizhu team comps?

We believe he works well in teams with another dendro character due to his relatively low dendro application, along with electro and/or hydro DPS or sub-DPS. However, as we mentioned in the build section near the beginning of this guide, we feel he can likely slot into many different team comps thanks to his utility as a healer.

Here’s an example of a strong Baizhu bloom team comp, and a strong hyperbloom comp:

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Ayato Nilou Nahida Baizhu
Yae Miko Nahida Xingqiu Baizhu

Genshin Impact Baizhu: Baizhu and Changsheng sat in his office, holding a calligraphy brush and smiling,

What are Baizhu’s abilities?

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Normal attack: The Classics of Acupuncture Normal: perform up to four attacks that deal dendro damage to opponents in front of you
Charged: after a short casting time, consume a set amount of stamina to deal AoE dendro damage to opponents in front of you
Plunging: plunge towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in your path and dealing AoE dendro damage upon impact with the ground
Elemental skill: Universal Diagnosis Control a Gossamer Sprite that cruises and attacks nearby opponents, dealing dendro damage. After it performs three attacks or if there are no opponents nearby, the Sprite returns, healing all nearby party members based on Baizhu’s max HP
Elemental burst: Holistic Revivification

Enter the Pulsing Clarity state, creating a Seamless Shield that absorbs dendro damage with 250% effectiveness. While in this state, Baizhu generates a new Seamless Shield every 2.5 seconds. The Seamless Shield heals your active character based on Baizhu’s max HP. 

The Seamless Shield also attacks opponents by unleashing Spiritveins, dealing dendro damage when: 

  • a Seamless Shield is protecting a character and a new Seamless Shield generates
  • when the Seamless Shield’s effects expire
  • when the Seamless Shield shatters

Passive skills:

Skill Effect
Herbal Nourishment When Baizhu is in your party, interacting with certain harvestable items heals your current active character for 2.5% of Baizhu’s max HP
Five Fortunes Forever Baizhu gains different effects according to the current HP of your character. When their HP is less than 50%, Baizhu gains a 20% healing bonus. When their HP is equal to or more than 50%, he gains a 25% dendro damage bonus
All Things Are of the Earth When Seamless Shiels heal characters, they gain the Year of Verdant Favor effect. When a character is under this effect, each 1k max HP that Baizhu possesses which does not exceed 50k increases the burning, bloom, hyperbloom, and burgeon reaction damage they deal by 2%, and the aggravate and spread reaction damage they deal by 0.8%. This effect lasts for six seconds

What are Baizhu’s constellations?

When you pull more than one copy of a character, you can unlock one of six special abilities called constellations. Here are all six of Baizhu’s constellations and what they do.

Constellation Effect
C1: Alternative Observation Universal Diagnosis gains one additional charge
C2: Incisive Discernment When your active character hits a nearby opponent with their attacks, Baizhu unleashes a Gossamer Sprite: Splice, which initiates one attack before returning, dealing 250% of Baizhu’s attack as dendro damage and healing for 20% of Universal Diagnosis’ Gossamer Sprite’s normal healing. The damage this deals counts as elemental skill damage. This effect can trigger once every five seconds
C3: All Aspects Stabilized Increases the level of Holistic Revivification by three, to a maximum level of 15
C4: Ancient Art of Perception For 15 seconds after you use Holistic Revivification, Baizhu increases all nearby party members’ elemental mastery by 80
C5: The Hidden Ebb and Flow Increases the level of Universal Diagnosis by three, to a maximum level of 15
C6: Elimination of Malicious Qi Increases the damage dealt by Holistic Revivifications Spiritveins by 8% of Baizhu’s max HP. Additionally, when a Gossamer Sprite or Gossamer Sprite: Splice hits opponents, there’s a 100% chance of generating one of Holistic Revivification’s Seamless Shields. Either type of sprite can only trigger this once

What are Baizhu’s ascension materials?

Here are all the materials you need to fully ascend Baizhu:

Level Mora Ascension materials
20+ 20k One nagadus emerald sliver, three violetgrass, three fungal spores
40+ 40k Three nagadus emerald fragments, ten violetgrass, 15 fungal spores, two evergloom rings
50+ 60k Six nagadus emerald fragments, 20 violetgrass, 12 luminescent pollen, four evergloom rings
60+ 80k Three nagadus emerald chunks, 30 violetgrass, 18 luminescent pollen, eight evergloom rings
70+ 100k Six nagadus emerald chunks, 45 violetgrass, 12 crystalline cyst dust, 12 evergloom rings
80+ 120k Six nagadus emerald gemstones, 60 violetgrass, 24 crystalline cyst dust, 20 evergloom rings

Here’s where to find all of Baizhu’s ascension materials:

  • Nagadus emeralds – drops from normal and weekly bosses
  • Violetgrass – sold in Liyue and Sumeru, found on cliffs in Liyue, or grown in the Serenitea Pot
  • Fungal spores / luminescent pollen / crystalline cyst dust – drops from fungus enemies
  • Evergloom rings – drops from the Iniquitous Baptist normal boss in Sumeru

Genshin Impact's Baizhu posing for a White Day artwork., smiling on a blue background

What are Baizhu’s talent materials?

You can level Baizhu’s normal attack, elemental skill, and elemental burst each to a maximum of level ten. Here are all the materials you need to get one of his talents up to max level:

Talent level Mora Materials
Two 12.5k Three teachings of gold, six fungal spores
Three 17.5k Two guides to gold, three luminescent pollen
Four 25k Four guides to gold, four luminescent pollen
Five 30k Six guides to gold, six luminescent pollen
Six 37.5k Nine guides to gold, nine luminescent pollen
Seven 120k Four philosophies of gold, four crystalline cyst dust, one world­span fern
Eight 260k Six philosophies of gold, six crystalline cyst dust, one world­span fern
Nine 450k 12 philosophies of gold, nine crystalline cyst dust, two world­span ferns
Ten 700k 16 philosophies of gold, 12 crystalline cyst dust, two world­span ferns, one crown of insight

Here’s where to get each of Baizhu’s talent materials:

  • Fungal spores / luminescent pollen / crystalline cyst dust – drops from fungus enemies
  • Gold talent books – rewards from the Taishan Mansion domains on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays
  • Worldspan ferns – drops from the Guardian of Apep’s Oasis weekly boss in The Realm of Beginnings, Sumeru

Talent level priority

When leveling up Baizhu’s talents, we recommend prioritizing the following:

  • Elemental burst > elemental skill > normal attack

We also recommend that you aim to get Baizhu to level 90 to maximize his healing and the effects of his All Things Are of the Earth passive.

That’s everything we’ve got on Genshin Impact’s Baizhu. For more gacha goodness, head on over to our Honkai Star Rail tier list, Honkai Star Rail update, and Honkai Star Rail codes guides to embark on another Hoyo adventure. We’ve also got builds for Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th, Honkai Star Rail’s Black Swan, and Honkai Star Rail’s Robin.