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Harvestella food deliveries

Farming, fighting, and... Food delivery driver? Harvestella food deliveries are a great way to earn some extra cash and learn a bunch of new recipes

Harvestella food deliveries - three Harvestella meals

While farmin’ and fightin’ take up a good portion of the game, Harvestella food deliveries are just as important, especially as they’re one of the best ways to make some extra cash. Put your harvesting and cooking skills to the test as you complete a list of requests for every inn across the map, serving up a variety of dishes in exchange for new recipes and a healthy helping of grilla.

Of course, to get started with the food deliveries, you need to learn how to cook first – which is why you should begin by checking out our Harvestella cooking guide. You also need a whole bunch of ingredients. Luckily, our Harvestella crops and Harvestella machines guides have got you covered there.

How to unlock Harvestella food deliveries

Shortly after you get your kitchen counter fitted through the Lethe Renovator, you receive a letter in the mail from one of the children of Lethe. He tells you that his father needs help coming up with new recipes, and you should visit him at Lethe’s Harvest Bloom Inn.

When you visit the chef in Lethe’s Harvest Bloom Inn (to the right of the inn’s main counter, marked by the cooking pot icon), he shows you a list of meals he wants, and promises you a reward whenever you deliver them. From this point on, the inns in each city have a cooking pot icon, as well as a list of location-specific deliveries they require.

Harvestella food deliveries - the player talking to an Inn keeper about food

How do I complete Harvestella food deliveries?

Completing a food delivery is easy. Once you have the meal in your backpack, go to the chef that wants it. The meal’s silhouette says ‘deliverable’ if you have the item with you. Just click on it, and enjoy your reward! You can only deliver each meal once.

For every meal you deliver, you get a decent amount of grilla. Plus, at certain milestones (i.e. two deliveries, six deliveries), you also get a recipe – often for one of the other meals that the chef is requesting. As for the other required recipes, you can purchase most of them from the general goods stores in each town, such as the Homely Lethe Recipes collection from Lethe General Goods. Check out our Harvestella cooking guide for more information.

Harvestella food deliveries screen, showing multiple meals

Harvestella food deliveries

Here are each of the meals required for the Harvestella food deliveries. The Inns are open from 10am to 10pm every day, excluding Quietus.

Lethe deliveries

  • Lantern pumpkin gratin
  • Lethe breakfast
  • Mountain stir-fry
  • Chilled corn soup
  • BBQ churrasco
  • Lethe hamburger and egg
  • Lethe special dinner
  • Vegetable muffin
  • King cake

Nemea deliveries

  • Eggs benedict
  • Tomato & eggplant cheese bake
  • Cheese & tomato caprese
  • Cherry salmon marinade
  • Nemea meat pizza
  • Nemea bolognese
  • Nemean splendid spring
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Peach rose mousse

Shatolla deliveries

  • Seabream & octopus carpaccio
  • Fisherman’s sandwich
  • Great king tuna tartare
  • Vongole bianco
  • Tom yum soup
  • Shatollan acqua pazza
  • Super sweet Shatollan smoothie
  • The seasons
  • Bitter cafe mocha

Argene deliveries

  • Herring in a fur coat
  • Pepper cream penne
  • Argene cabbage stew
  • Super spicy Argene hotpot
  • Summer & Winter spicy fish
  • Jansson’s temptation
  • Meat with herbs & spices
  • Mapo tofu
  • Ice cream

That’s all we’ve got on Harvestella food deliveries and how to complete them. Now that you’ve got a hefty handful of grilla and a whole heap of recipes unlocked, whip up some tasty treats for a life partner with our Harvestella romance guide. Or, if your fight’s in the field rather than the farm, head over to our Harvestella jobs guide.