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Hollow Knight mask shard guide

Struggling with bosses? Mop up some mask pieces and head back into Hallownest with a bit more health behind you with our Hollow Knight mask shard guide

The Knight from Hollow knight stands in a dank and dark room, next to an image of a player collecting a third mask shard

Alright, I know you’ve heard it all before, but Hollow Knight is genuinely quite a tough game. It’s also absolutely incredible (in this writer’s opinion) and well worth persevering when you get stuck. I got stuck on The Watcher Knight’s and didn’t play the stupid game for another year, but man, am I glad I did.

This is to say, there are a lot of ways to make your experience in Hollow Knight a touch easier, or at least guide you in the right direction, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to help you with here in our Hollow Knight mask shard guide. There are 16 mask shards in Hollow Knight, with every four adding another mask to your health, so you’re going to want to seek these out.

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Maximise your health and get a leg up on your opponents, with our Hollow Knight mask shard guide.

The Knight from Hollow knight walks through a dark corridor and passed a large switch

Hollow Knight mask shard locations

Hollow Knight mask shard locations one to four

The easiest way to nab your first four mask shards is by buying them from Sly in Dirtmouth. The first two cost you 150 geo and 500 geo, respectively. As for the next two shards, you can only buy these once Sly is presented with the Shopkeeper’s key, which is located in Crystal Peak, in the room just left of the bench room where you first fight Crystal Guardian. Now, mask shards three and four will cost you 800 geo and 1500 geo, respectively.

Hollow knight mask shard location five

Once you defeat the enemy, the Brooding Mawlek, the reward is a mask shard.

Hollow knight mask shard location six

Grubfather awards you a mask shard after you return five grubs to him.

Hollow Knight mask shard seven

This shard is located in the Forgotten Crossroads, just below the False Knight, and near where the Goam enemies are found. This is easier with the mantis claw ability.

Hollow knight mask shard location eight

You can find this shard in Queen’s Station, just near the east side. You need the mantis claw to reach this area.

Hollow Knight mask shard location nine

Hidden in the Fungal Wastelands is a character called Bretta, you must save Bretta and later visit their house in Dirtmouth. Then they’ll reward you with another mask shard.

Hollow Knight mask shard location ten

Deep in Greenpath to the very southeast corner is an area called the stone sanctuary, and there’s another mask shard waiting for you here, though we recommend using the lumafly lantern to get there.

Hollow Knight mask shard location eleven

Once you find the Royal Waterways and gain the ability to swim, head into the very northwestern room in this area and swim under the path and into another room on the left. Another mask shard is waiting for you.

Hollow Knight mask shard location twelve

Down in Deepnest, just west of the room you fight the Mantis Lords in, another mask shard waits for you once you pass through Fungal Core. You need the monarch wings to reach this one.

Hollow knight mask shard location thirteen

Once you find the area known as Crystal Peaks and defeat the Crystal Guardian, you must face this opponent once again, this time, as the Enraged Guardian. It’s a tough fight, but your reward is another mask shard.

Hollow Knight mask shard location fourteen

In the secret location known as the Hive below Kingdom’s Edge, a room contains a mask shard, though you have to bait a Hive Guardian into breaking the wall. The room is underneath the room to the east of the main area in Kingdom’s Edge, directly below where you first encounter the Hoppers.

Hollow knight mask shard locations fifteen

Once you have the Dream Nail, collect 1500 essence and visit the Seer, they have a mask shard for you upon this achievement.

Hollow knight mask shard locations sixteen

Once you complete the delicate flower quest, the Grey Mourner in the Resting Grounds regards you with the final mask shard.

Phew, hopefully, these tips help you on your journey and give you the health (and the confidence) you need to take on even the toughest bosses. If you want to learn more about the folks you encounter on this journey, be sure to have a read of our Hollow knight characters guide as well.