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Honkai Star Rail the Adventurous Moles quest

Honkai Star Rail’s Adventurous Moles quest leaves players stumped with its page-finding puzzles, so here’s a guide on how to complete the quest.

Honkai Star Rail the adventurous moles: Hook adjusting her winter hat with two friends

There’s plenty to do on Jarilo-VI, especially in Boulder Town – home to Natasha and her clinic, Pitch-Dark Hook the Great, and of course the Moles adventure team. Speaking of moles, let’s take a look at the Honkai Star Rail the Adventurous Moles quest, including how to unlock it and how to progress through the pesky puzzles.

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How do I unlock the Honkai Star Rail the Adventurous Moles quest?

Before we can get to helping the adorable lil kids of Boulder Town, there are some prerequisites that you need to complete. First, you must be Trailblazer level 29 or above to unlock the quest, and you need to complete Hook’s first companion mission – ‘Hook’s Treasure’ – in order to get the time capsule item. Once you have this in hand, give it to Julian outside Natasha’s clinic in the town.

Now that Julian has assigned you the Adventurous Moles task, it’s onto business. Head out to the location marked in the mines to find a lone lamp on a box. You can choose to read the entire page he gives you or just the highlighted piece at the bottom. Alternatively, you can just read our guide to save faffing around (we get it, we’re also eager to get things done).

All you need to do here is pick up the lamp and then hang it on the bare section of the fence against the wall. Done! You get a snazzy chest as a reward. From there, head back to Julian, who sets you on the rest of the mission to find the other three treasures.

You need to use the ‘Adventurous Moles: Hidden Treasure – table of contents’ item in your inventory for hints as to where to go and what to do – but don’t fret, we’ve got all the information right here. You can do these in any order, but we’ve jotted them down in the order they’re written on the page.

Honkai Star Rail the Adventurous Moles locations

Now, let’s see where we need to head to find these pages and solve puzzles in the name of treasure.

The Honkai Star Rail the adventurous moles Backwater Pass location

The Unexpected Parchment

First up you need to go to Backwater Pass to find the page “near the entrance of an open-are café in Backwater Pass”. We’ve circled it on the map above for you. When you get there, pick up the page, and then you notice one chair is upside down on a table. Pick it up and put the chair down on the ground. There you go – the first treasure is yours.

Honkai Star Rail the adventurous moles Rivet Town location showing where to find the puzzle

“The Crates are the Keys”

Next, travel to Rivet Town. The second page is “in a cave with storage shelves in Rivet Town”. It’s near a space anchor and isn’t too hard to find. Grab the page in there and then look around. In the cave, there’s a shelf with four boxes on it and another one to the right with only two boxes. You can pick two of the boxes on the first shelf up. Move them so that there are three boxes on each shelving unit, with two on the top shelf, and one below on the left-hand side.

Honkai Star Rail the adventurous moles boxes: Hook in front of the puzzle's shelves

There you have it, more treasure appearing before your very eyes.

The Honkai Star Rail the adventurous moles Restricted Zone location

Treasure Hunt on the Battlefield

The third and final step requires you to go to the restricted zone. According to the contents, the page is “in the trenches deep within the Silvermane Guard restricted zone, leading to the Snow Plains”. The piece of paper is on a wall this time.

The Honkai Star Rail the adventurous moles paper on a wall with Hook looking at it

This puzzle instructs you to look at the racks of guns in the area. The four racks each need three guns on them. Simply have a nose around and make sure there are three guns on each – you can use nearby guns to fill any racks that don’t have enough.

As you finish the third puzzle, not only do you get another chest, but two achievements pop up including one called ‘The Fourth Little Mole’. Adorable, huh?

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