Honkai Star Rail Seele build

Fly like a butterfly, sting like an even bigger butterfly, with the help of our Honkai Star Rail Seele build, including attacks, light cones, relics, and more

Honkai Star Rail Seele during the story

Throughout your time on Jarilo-VI, Honkai Star Rail’s Seele plays an important role, standing by your side as you fight for justice and attempting to mend the rifts in the class-torn world she inhabits. She proves herself to be a fierce fighter worthy of a space on your team of trailblazers, and if you want to help her continue to fight the good fight, you’re in the right place. Our Honkai Star Rail Seele build guide aims to show exactly how to harness the power of this deadly butterfly.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Seele?

Seele is a spirited young woman and a key member of Belobog Underworld’s Wildfire group. While she’s accustomed to being on her own, she cares fiercely about those who she lets in. She has always seen the world as a simple dichotomy – the protectors and the protected, the oppressors and the oppressed. But through her journey, a chance encounter with the Astral Express crew and a certain girl from the Belabog overworld has led her to see that the world is far from black and white.

Seele is a five-star quantum damage dealer, and she treads the path of the Hunt. Her English voice actor is Molly Zhang, and her Japanese voice actor is Nakahara Mai.

Honkai Star Rail Seele during a cutscene

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build?

Honkai Star Rail’s Seele is a high-impact, burst DPS, that deals heaps of damage to a single target over a short period of time. Her kit is focused around crit, speed, and plenty of attack, so she can do as much damage as possible each turn. As such, we recommend building Seele with attack, speed, crit rate, crit damage, and quantum damage, and using her as a main damage dealer. Pairing her up with a supporting character to add to her own self-buffs can also help her shine even more.

Which light cone should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Seele?

In the Night is a five-star light cone tailored towards Seele’s kit, increasing her crit rate and boosting her basic attack damage and ultimate crit damage depending on her speed. With the speed buff she gains from her skill, this light cone can offer a substantial boost in stats that make it very worthwhile.

However, as it’s a five-star gacha pull, you’ll need a decent serving of luck to pull In the Night. If you’re looking for something to fill the slot until you get it, you can go with any light cone that aligns with the path of the Hunt – preferably one that boosts Seele’s crit.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
In the Night Increases Seele’s crit rate by 12%. If her speed is above 100, every additional 15 speed increases her basic attack damage and skill damage by 8%, and increases her ultimate crit damage by 8%. This effect can stack up to six times Gacha

Which relics should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Seele?

The best relic set we’ve seen for Seele so far is Genius of Brilliant Stars, which boosts her quantum damage and increases her attack. When it comes to sub-stats, we recommend aiming for crit, attack, speed, and quantum damage boost where possible. For crit, you should try to maintain a 2:1 ratio between crit damage and crit rate.

Relic Effect How to obtain
Genius of Brilliant Stars Two equipped: Increases quantum damage by 10%.
Four equipped: When Seele attacks enemies with quantum damage, 25% of the enemy’s defence will be ignored.
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Providence in The Xianzhou Luofu’s Cloudford

Honkai Star Rail Seele during her ultimate move throwing out her weapon

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Seele’s attacks?


Skill Effect
Basic attack: Thwack (single attack)  Deal 60% of Seele’s attack as quantum damage to a target enemy
Skill: Sheathed Blade (single attack) Deal 121% of Seele’s attack as quantum damage to a target enemy. Seele gains 25% speed for two turns
Ultimate: Butterfly Flurry (single attack) Seele receives a buff and deals 256% of her attack as quantum damage to a target enemy


Skill Effect
Appear Again Seele gains a buff on defeating an enemy, and receives an extra action. While buffed, Seele increases her damage dealt by 44% for one turn. If the enemy is defeat during the extra action gained through this talent, the buff will not take effect


Skill Effect
Phantom Illusion (enhance) After using Seele’s technique, gain stealth for 20 seconds. While stealth is active in the Maze, Seele can’t be detected by enemies and gains a buff after triggering combat with an attack

What are Seele’s eidolons?

Honkai Star Rail’s eidolons are a lot like Genshin Impact’s constellations, in that you need to pull more than one copy of a character in order to unlock them. Here are all of Honkai Star Rail Seele’s eidolons.

Eidolon  Effect
Level one – Butterfly Dance The speed boost from Seele’s skill can stack up to two times
Level two – Cut Off When dealing damage to an enemy whose HP is 50% or lower, Seele’s crit rate increases by 15%
Level three – Dazzled Increases the level of Seele’s ultimate by three, up to a maximum of level 15, and increases the level of her basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
Level four – A Glimpse When Seele defeats an enemy, she regenerates 15 energy
Level five – Keen and Sharp Increases the level of Seele’s skill by three, up to a maximum of level 15, and the level of her basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
Level six – Separation After using her ultimate, Seele inflicts the target enemy with Butterfly Flurry for one turn. After getting attacked, the enemy suffering from Butterfly Flurry takes an additional 30% of Seele’s ultimate’s damage as quantum damage. If the target is defeated by the additional Butterfly Flurry damage triggered by other allies’ attacks, Seele’s talent isn’t triggered

And that’s it for our Honkai Star Rail Seele guide for now. We’ll be sure to update this guide when more information comes out in the wake of the Honkai Star Rail release date. In the meantime, head over to our list of the best mobile RPGs for even more adventures on the go.