Honkai Star Rail Hook build

Don't underestimate Honkai Star Rail's Hook, she's the boss of The Moles adventure squad! You could become a Mole too, with the help of this handy build guide

Honkai Star Rail Hook during her ultimate move using a giant claw

Listen up! Honkai Star Rail Hook is the boss around here, and as an honorary member of the Moles, you’d better listen to what she says. Also known as Pitch-Dark Hook the Great, she is the fiery leader of the Moles, and they run the show in Belobog’s Underworld, so it’s best that you stay on her good side. And how do you go about staying on her good side? Well, we’re glad you asked – you’ve gotta stand out on your adventure, of course, and our Hook guide helps you do just that. With a rundown of all of her attacks and eidolons, and our top picks for the best light cone and relics to kit her out with, you’ll have no problem keeping this little troublemaker happy.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Hook?

Hook is a small, rambunctious girl with a massive personality who lives in Belabog’s Underworld. She’s the leader of a group of rascals (or, as Hook would say, an ‘adventure squad’) called The Moles, who play games and cause mischief around their home. While Hook tries to act brave and fearless, she’s still a little girl at heart. She cares deeply about her friends and her father and is close to Honkai Star Rail’s Natasha – even though she refers to Natasha as an ‘old witch’ because she sees her as always interfering with her adventures.

Hook is a four-star fire wielder who treads the path of the Destruction. We don’t know the name of her English voice actor yet, but her Japanese voice actor is Tokui Sora.

Honkai Star Rail Hook standing in the open

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Hook build?

Hook is a little firecracker, so it’s only fitting that her main source of damage comes from her fiery attacks and burn DoT. Her kit focuses on single-target damage, but her ability to both apply the burn DoT and deal increased damage to enemies inflicted with burn through her passive means she can take targets down pretty quickly. Teaming her up with other pyro characters like Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko and Honkai Star Rail’s Asta enhances her passive even further.

As of the beta, we recommend building Hook with fire damage, attack, energy recharge, and crit, though this may change come the game’s full release.

Which light cone should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Hook?

If the name didn’t make it obvious, the four-star light cone ‘The Moles Welcome You’ is designed to fit with Hook’s kit. If you don’t have a copy of this light cone, aim to replace it with one that also increases Hook’s attack – and make sure it aligns with the path of Destruction in order to activate its skill.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
The Moles Welcome You For every basic attack, skill, and ultimate Hook uses, she gains one stack of Mischievous. Each stack increases her attack by 12% Gacha

Which relics should I use for Honkai Star Rail’s Hook?

Fire is the main source of Hook’s damage and DoT, so, as of the current beta, the Firesmith of Lava-Forging is the best set for her. It increases her fire damage and skill damage, allowing her to pack even more of a punch than normal. When picking sub-stats, we recommend prioritising fire damage, attack, and crit. Energy recharge is also a nice bonus where possible.

Relic Effect How to obtain
Firesmith of Lava-Forging Two equipped: increases fire damage by 10%
Four equipped: increases Hook’s skill damage by 12%. Also increases her fire damage by 12% for the next attack after her ultimate
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Conflagration in The Xianzhou Luofu’s Stargazer Navalia

Honkai Star Rail Hook's warp screen

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Hook’s attacks?


Skill Effect
Basic attack: Hehe! Don’t Get Burned! (single attack) Deal 60% of Hook’s attack as fire damage to a target enemy
Skill: Hey! Remember Hook? (single attack) Deal 132% of Hook’s attack as fire damage to a target enemy. There’s a 100% base chance for this to inflict burn for two turns. While burned, enemies take 27% of Hook’s attack as fire DoT at the start of each turn
Ultimate: Boom! Here Comes the Fire! (single attack) Deal fire damage equal to 256% of Hook’s attack to a target enemy. After you use her ultimate, the next skill you use is enhanced, dealing damage to a target enemy and its adjacent enemy units


Skill Effect
Ha! Oil to the Flames! When attacking a target inflicted with burn, deal an additional 55% of Hook’s attack as fire damage and regenerate an extra five energy


Skill Effect
Ack! Look at This Mess! Immediately attack the enemy. After entering battle, deal 50% of Hook’s attack as fire damage to an enemy. There’s also a 50% chance to burn all targets for three turns. While burned, enemies take 50% of Hook’s attack as fire DoT at the start of each turn

Honkai Star Rail Hookn looking grumpy

What are Hook’s eidolons?

Similar to Genshin Impact’s constellations, Honkai Impact eidolons are bonuses you can unlock by pulling duplicates of a character. Here are all of Hook’s eidolons.

Eidolon  Effect
Level one – Early to Bed, Early to Rise Hook’s enhanced skills deal 40% more damage
Level two – Happy Tummy, Happy Body Extends the duration of the burn caused by Hook’s skill by one turn
Level three – Don’t Be Picky, Nothing’s Icky Increases the level of Hook’s ultimate by three, up to a maximum of level 15, and increases the level of her basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
Level four – It’s Okay to Not Know When Hook’s talent triggers, there’s a 100% base chance to burn the target and its adjacent enemy units for two turns. Burning enemies take fire DoT equal to 50% of Hook’s attack at the start of each turn
Level five – Let the Molles’ Deeds Be Known Increases the level of Hook’s skill by three, up to a maximum of level 15, and increases the level of her basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
Level six – Always Ready to Punch and Kick Hook deals 20% more damage to burning enemies

And that’s all we’ve got on the amazing Honkai Star Rail Hook – for now, at least! We’ll be sure to update this guide when we finally get to the full Honkai Star Rail release date. While you wait, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs to set out on a new adventure today.