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Hunter X Anomaly codes April 2024

Roblox Hunter X Anomaly codes are the best way to get rerolls for your clan and hatsu, as well as potential, even if you’re already full of it.

Hunters x Anomaly codes: an avatar with purple hair and Silver the Hedgehog vest stood in front of a wall

Hunter X Anomaly codes are essential, regardless of whether you want to be the strongest hunter or an all-powerful ant. In this Roblox experience, you need to train your heart out to become the strongest player, and that means dedicating yourself through hunter exams, world exploration, and combat.

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Hunter X Anomaly codes

Active codes:

  • Pushing30s – all rerolls (new servers only) (new!)
  • FixedInfParry – all rerolls (new!)
  • SORRYFORSD – all rerolls (new!)
  • BugFix5 – all rerolls (new!)
  • KiteCodeRemade – clan reroll (new!)
  • HalfOfUpdate7ComingSoonSORRY – all rerolls (new!)
  • Kite – hatsu reroll (new!)
  • 1Milvisits  clan reroll (new!)
  • Crazyslots – potential reroll (new!)
  • Update7 – nen color (new!)
  • ThanksChief – all rerolls (new!)
  • SorryForTheEXADMINV2 – all rerolls (new!)
  • BugFixesAwesome – reroll
  • MeganCheese – reroll
  • SoSorry – clan reroll
  • Tails! – clan reroll
  • Mounts?! – clan reroll
  • Update6! – potential
  • Antking! – potential
  • Ant! – hatsu reroll
  • FameIsOutNow – clan reroll
  • RevertedStats – clan reroll
  • TYFOR1K – clan reroll
  • Rage! – clan reroll
  • Zeno! – clan reroll
  • Hunt! – potential
  • Dragons! – potential
  • Update5! – potential
  • 700KLIKES! – hatsu reroll
  • SorryForTheWait – potential
  • HereAsOurSorry – hatsu reroll
  • 600KVISITS! – rewards
  • 500KVISITS! – rewards
  • 1kLikes! – rewards
  • 900Likes! – rewards
  • Update5! – rewards
  • Dragon! – rewards
  • VampKingMv! – clan reroll
  • NenKillerDropped! – money
  • FlameReworked! – hatsu reroll
  • SorryForTheDelay! – potential
  • LysolStinks! – hatsu reroll
  • ChieflsAwesome! – money
  • RerollMyAuraPlz! – aura reroll
  • 300KVISITS – hatsu reroll
  • 200KVISITS – hatsu reroll
  • 700LIKES – clan reroll
  • 600LIKES – clan reroll
  • ChiefSmells! – clan reroll
  • MvTheGoat! – clan reroll
  • SorryForTheBugs! – potential
  • MajorBugFix! – potential
  • ThanksLysolForHelping! – a hatsu
  • GoodLuckOnHatsu! – a hatsu

Expired codes:

  • 200Likes!
  • UPDATE2!
  • Smoke!
  • BlueFlames!
  • SorryForBugs!

Hunters X Anomaly codes redemption screen in front of a wall

What are Hunter X Anomaly codes?

If you want some rerolls and potential you need Hunter X Anomaly codes. Luckily for you, the developer, Hunter X Anomaly, tends to add them to celebrate milestones, events, and updates. Sometimes they pop up just because the team is generous, so make sure you check back in with us periodically.

How do I redeem Hunter X Anomaly codes?

To redeem Hunter X Anomaly codes, you need to:

  • Launch Roblox
  • Fire up Hunter X Anomaly
  • Tap the settings cog
  • Tap codes
  • Enter your code
  • Hit submit
  • Enjoy your freebie!

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