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iPhone QR codes - how to use them

iPhone QR codes are a fast and convenient way to not only get in-game freebies, but to order food at a bar, or even log in to streaming accounts.

iPhone QR codes: an icon shows a mobile phone with a QR code on it, against a yellow background

Typing in numbers and letters to log in to your Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, and other such accounts can be a real pain in the butt, which is where iPhone QR codes come in. This handy mechanic allows you to use your phone to scan the barcode-like image to make logging into your various accounts a breeze, and we’re on hand to explain how it works.

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Anyway, here’s how iPhone QR codes work.

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iPhone QR codes

You come across QR codes all over the place these days, and not just to log in to a service through your phone. Even in restaurants, you may have the option to scan a QR code to order your food rather than going to the bar.

To scan one, you just need to:

  • Grab your iPhone
  • Open your camera
  • Hover it above the code
  • Tap on the yellow button it presents to you
  • Carry on with whatever the QR code is for!

There you have it, how to scan iPhone QR codes. Should you want to get some freebies from all your scanning, check out our WWE SuperCard QR codes list.