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Kingdom Hearts Vanitas - lore, personality, and more

Our Kingdom Hearts Vanitas guide teaches you all about the dark-haired, abrasive antagonist, including his personality, keyblade, ties to Sora, and more.

Kingdom Hearts Vanitas smiling

Kingdom Hearts’ Vanitas is a very memorable villain, but is he truly as bad as he first seems? Taking on an appearance that basically screams ‘evil Sora’, this abrasive antagonist sure knows how to make an impact. So let’s take a look at everything we know about KH Vanitas, including his personality, keyblade, voice actor, and more.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Kingdom Hearts Vanitas:

Who is Kingdom Hearts’ Vanitas?

Vanitas, also known as The Masked Boy, is a Keyblade wielder created by Master Xehanort. He’s the embodiment of the darkness from Ventus’ heart, hence their similar appearance. Taking the role of second apprentice to Master Xehanort, he is the progenitor of the Unversed – creatures the game defines as ‘the opposite of human life’ that grow from the negative emotions that came forth following Vanitas’ creation.

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What is Kingdom Hearts Vanitas’ personality?

As Vanitas is the ‘dark’ half of Ventus’ heart, Vanitas was originally much like him. However, after suffering at the hands of Xehanort, Vanitas exhibits a desperate desire for salvation, warping into a cunning, cruel, and proud individual with the sole goal of forging the χ-blade with Ventus to save himself.

With his core focus on creating the X-Blade, Vanitus displays a true disregard for others, including even Master Xehanort. He’s remorseless and merciless in all of his actions, and strikes without a second thought, showing no hesitation in his crusade.

Beyond that, he proves himself to be careless, arrogant, ruthless, and uncaring when facing others. Whether it’s Ventus, Aqua, or even Master Xehanort, he never shows any empathy or compassion towards anyone – especially those who stand in his way.

Is Vanitas Sora’s brother?

No, Vanitas is not Sora’s brother. As with Kingdom Hearts’ Roxas, the reason Vanitas looks somewhat similar to Sora is because both he and Kingdom Hearts’ Sora share their hearts with Ventus. As such, Roxas, Sora, Ventus, and Vanitas are all linked by their hearts, despite being different characters with their own personalities, goals, and motivations.

Kingdom Hearts Vanitas smiling and holding a Keyblade

What is Vanitas’ keyblade?

Vanitas wields a Keyblade called the Void Gear, which he can summon at will in a flash of purple flames. It shares many similarities with Master Xehanort’s Keyblade. Vanitas can charge Void Gear with dark energy, increasing both his attack and strength in the process.

When he fuses with Ventus, Vanitas also gains the ability to wield the most powerful Keyblade of all – the χ-blade – which increases his initial strength and attack range dramatically. Vanitas is an extremely skilled Keyblade wielder, whether he’s holding Void Gear, or the incomplete or complete versions of the χ-blade.

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What games does Vanitas appear in?

Like other Kingdom Hearts characters, Vanitas appears in multiple Kingdom Hearts games. He plays his most prominent role as one of the main antagonists in Birth By Sleep, but also shows up in several other titles. They are:

  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind

Kingdom Hearts Vanitas smiling

Who is Kingdom Hearts Vanitas’ voice actor?

In the English dub of the game, Haley Joel Osment voices Vanitas, and he also plays the voice of Sora, along with many live-action roles. Vanitus’ Japanese voice actor is Miyu Irino, who, like Haley Joel Osment, also plays the JP version of Sora.

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