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Valor Legends tier list and reroll guide - all heroes ranked

Learn who the best heroes are with our Valor Legends tier list, and discover how to get the ones you want with our Valor Legends reroll guide

A group of heroes flying through the air hoisting weapons

March 28. 2023:  We have updated our Valor Legends Tier List to include Arlo the Troublemaker

Jump into Valor Legends, build a team from more than 70 heroes, and prove your strategical prowess in this idle RPG. All you need to do is select where to place your heroes. Either way, you’re going to want the most powerful squad you can get, and that’s where our Valor Legends tier list comes in. Here, we rank all of the available Valor Legends heroes, letting you know who the best from each class is. We also offer assistance on how to perform a Valor Legends reroll, should the heroes you receive straight out of the gate not be to your liking.

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Valor Legends tier list

To help you make the best decisions for your squad, we’ve split the heroes into their respective categories.

A screen full of stats with a hero posing with his sword

Valor Legends assassin tier list

Rank Valor Legends heroes
S Terrence, Ramiel
A Bally, New Legion Assassin Narrisa
B Garr, Bella
C Beezlebub, Sota

A guy in front of hero cards aiming his gun

Valor Legends rangers tier list

Rank Valor Legends heroes
S Sellier, Felix, Forest Shadow Liliananna
A Diana, Liv, Edwyrd, Ixlott
B Brooke, Telwihr, Cuvroi
C Darby, Renee

A hero with wings slamming her sword into the ground

Valor Legends warriors tier list

Rank Valor Legends heroes
S Eric, Lionel, Cardelin, Shadow Warrior Khuulka
A Yesacco, Catarina, Shinobu, Brovi
B Patrus, Renaud, Norton, Ayla
C Seth

A mage holding a wand

Valor Legends mages tier list

Rank Valor Legends heroes
S Sinclair, Yulvyin
A Achis, Oche, Doris, Tamaki, Lord of Thunder Ireus
B Raghnall, Milton, Gisella, Frode
C Primo

A priestess surrounded by a blue aura

Valor Legends priests tier list

Rank Valor Legends heroes
S Olivia, Lucia, Margaret
A Flora, Suvere, Arlo
B Grigor
C Waga

How do I perform a Valor Legends reroll?

Executing a Valor Legends reroll is simpler than it may first appear. Just follow these steps and you can reroll until you get the heroes you desire:

  • Fire up Valor Legends
  • Select a server
  • Skip the cutscenes
  • Complete the first three tutorial battles
  • Skip when given the option to
  • Clear stage 1-10
  • Claim your rewards and gems
  • Go to the mainland screen, then into the summoning menu
  • Use your gems and summoning books
  • If you’re happy with your summons, great! If not, go to account and switch to guest
  • Repeat the above process until your happy
  • Go to the account menu and link it with your correct email address

There you have it, our Valor Legends tier list and a Valor Legends reroll guide. If you’re after something new to play, we have some great suggestions in our lists of the best iPhone games and best Android games – there’s something for everyone.