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Mage Tycoon codes

Grab some of these Roblox Mage Tycoon codes, conjure up some extra cash and gems in this magical adventure, and build up your fortress.

Mage Tycoon codes: a character with a mask and a shield in Mage Tycoon

Check out these Mage Tycoon codes to grab some gems and free money. You start with a blank plot of land but quickly earn stacks of cash through your auto droppers. This cash is for spending on new spells and building up your fortress, to stop any other roaming mages from getting any ideas about attacking you. When you’re ready, you can take your new shiny spells and head out to battle other players, and secure your place on the leaderboard!

Before all that though, you’ll need some cash, which is where these codes come in! If you want more Roblox goodies, try these Roblox promo codes, Pixel Piece codes, and Grand Piece Online codes to get all the freebies you can.

Mage Tycoon codes

Here are the new Mage Tycoon codes

  • 5milvisits – 50 gems
  • 25klikes – 50 gems and 2hrs of double XP
  • sorryfordelay – 12hrs of double XP
  • 10klikes – 50 gems
  • EpicRelease – 1k cash
  • 3klikes – 50 gems
  • 500kvisits – 50 gems

You can also join the official Mage Tycoon Roblox group for a 25% cash boost!

Expired codes:

Currently, there are no expired Mage Tycoon codes.

Mage Tycoon codes: how to redeem codes

How do I redeem Mage Tycoon codes?

To use these handy dandy Mage Tycoon codes, follow these steps:

  • Open up Mage Tycoon in Roblox
  • Hit the book icon on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Then hit the settings button that looks like a gear
  • Paste or type a code into the codes box, and hit redeem.
  • There you go – free stuff is yours!

What are Mage Tycoon codes?

Mage Tycoon codes come from the developer over on Twitter and give bonus bags of cash and gems for you to spend on upgrading your base and buying new spells. The developer tends to release them when the game hits a milestone including total likes and visits.

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