Mario Kart Tour revenue beats all Nintendo’s mobile games, except one

Mario Kart Tour revenue shows that Nintendo’s racer doesn’t need to be on the Switch to rake in the cash, with the second-highest revenue of their mobile games

art from Mario Kart Tour showing Mario, peach, Toad, Bowser, and Luigi in go karts, with a stylised globe in the background. There's an emoji of a bag with a dollar sign on it superimposed on the left of Mario, and an emoji of a wad of dollars with wings on the right.

Mario Kart Tour may not be what a Nintendo die-hard reaches for when they hop on their phone, but it’s proven to be a hit. Three years after its release, data provided by Sensor Tower to shows that the game has generated an estimated $293 million for Nintendo.

For context, Fire Emblem: Heroes revenue surpassed $1 billion in June, making Nintendo’s long-standing gacha character-collector far and away their biggest mobile game. Still, Mario Kart Tour revenue has beaten Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s $287.6 million and the $168.5 million generated by Dragalia Lost, which is ending forever later this year.

All this follows on from Nintendo’s mobile revenue surpassing the $2 billion mark back in May, proving that it’s a reasonably strong part of their business. We did a big feature on Nintendo mobile games, exploring the idea of wasted potential for the most part. Still, with each new release, it does look like Nintendo is getting a higher hit rate and working out what players want (it’s getting rid of Mario Kart Tour’s spotlight shop gacha stuff, which is great, too).

Mario Kart Tour revenue

Below you can see the top four in terms of revenue from Nintendo’s mobile game roster.

Game Revenue
Fire Emblem Heroes $1 billion
Mario Kart Tour $293 million
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp $287.6 million
Dragalia Lost $168.5 million
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That’s all we’ve got on Mario Kart Tour revenue for today. For more, check out our guides for Super Mario 3D World, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.