Mario Kart Tour winter tour update set to see the sights of Singapore

With the Mario Kart Winter tour on its way, the Nintendo mobile racer is taking us all on a sightseeing trip around the lovely Singapore

Screenshot of Luigi and Daisy in Singapore for the Mario Kart Tour winter tour news

Following a successful journey into the outer realms of the universe of space, the next season of Nintendo’s mobile kart racer comes crashing back down to earth for the Mario Kart Tour winter tour. It’s better than crashing off Rainbow Road, I suppose.

The upcoming Mario Kart Tour winter tour update is fittingly a pretty chill time, as the featured course treats you to three laps around Singapore Speedway 3. Just like Mario Kart Tour’s other real-life equivalents Berlin Byways and London Loop, in this track, you can feel the charm of Singapore, from the cluttered streets filled with traditional lanterns to the imposing white buildings in the heart of the city.

In keeping with the Asia theme, the other tracks included in the Mario Kart Tour winter tour are Bangkok Rush 2 and Bangkok Rush 3, with Tokyo Blur courses also returning. Better still, you can glide around these courses in style with the special tour glider, the gold umbrella, looking like true royalty as you rocket away from your fellow drivers.

The Mario Kart Tour winter tour begins on January 25 and runs until February 7, offering you a solid couple of weeks to see the sights of Mario Kart’s interpretation of Asia. This latest update also marks the first time that a Mario Kart Tour event has taken only tracks from Asia, following on from Europe and the U.S.A’s representation in the metropolitan tour and autumn tour 2022, respectively.

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A new Mario Kart Tour event means a new Mii racing suit, and this time around it’s the grey-all-over Roaring Racer costume. The suit is designed to match up with the Roaring Racer kart, complete with the big ol’ lion’s head. We’re hoping that the new costume might mean the return of the original kart to the Mario Kart Tour spotlight shop.

There you have it, all you need to know about the Mario Kart Tour winter tour update. For more Nintendo IPs on your mobile screen, check out our Pokémon Go Community day, Pokémon Go event, Pokémon Go raids, and complete Pokédex guides.