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Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange Build, outfits, skills, specialisations, potential, and more

Here's everything you need to know about Marvel Future Revolution's Doctor Strange, including his build, and specialisations

Doctor Strange with a magic aura

If you fancy being a hero, Marvel Future Revolution is the game for you. Except, there’s no easing into this hero gig. No, you’re thrown in at the deep end. Even veteran good guys may struggle with the task at hand. You’re not saving just one earth – which is a typical day for the average avenger – instead, you and your pals must save the entire multiverse. That’s an infinite number of earths and civilians that need your help. Fortunately, this isn’t a solo mission, as Marvel Future Revolution features a number of heroes. One of which happens to be undervalued, or at least he was until recent years.

Our Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange guide aims to give you advice on the best build for this hero, including what omega cards and battle badges to equip, as well as diving into which specialisations and skills are worth considering. Oh, and of course, we let you know which costumes you should use, because no Marvel game is complete without a fabulous wardrobe full of suits.

Should you be new to this hero thing, you might want to check out our Marvel Future Revolution tier list to see which characters suit you best. Alternatively, if you have a specific superhero in mind, we offer Marvel Future Revolution Star Lord, Marvel Future Revolution Captain Marvel, and Marvel Future Revolution Storm build guides too.

Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange’s specialisations

Before you can even think about specialisations, you need to reach level 70 with Doctor Strange. How quickly you manage this is down to you. If you focus solely on Steven Strange, it shouldn’t take you too long to hit the mark. However, if you prefer to use several heroes, it’s going to take longer to hit that pivotal level.

As with all heroes, you can select four specialisations for the doc, across three different categories. His are as follows:

  • Dark magic
  • Time manipulation
  • White magic

We recommend equipping the following:

  • Wind of truth

Every hero has an ultimate ability. An attack that causes massive damage devastates opponents and changes the tide of battle in your favour. So it’s only natural that you’ll want to use this manoeuvre as much as possible, and fortunately for you, Doctor Strange’s wind of truth specialisation does just that. So long as you equip a touch of the vishanti class skill, you get a 25% boost to ultimate skill recovery.

  • Will of the destroyer

This specialisation causes you to dish out an additional 25% damage, as well as decreasing the cooldown time of skills by 15%. As far as specialisations go, this is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Shifting sands

When a hero is as capable of inflicting debuffs as Doctor Strange, it’s silly not to take advantage of it. Therefore, we strongly suggest picking shifting sands as a specialisation as it increases the duration of your debuffs by 30%.

  • Spirit of light

The previous specialisation increases how long your debuffs last for, well, this one cuts down the amount of time debuffs affect you by 37.5%, so long as you equip three touch of the vishanti class skills.

Alternative pick:

  • Cruel choice

If you happen to choose multiple skills from the mystic arts class, you might want to consider cruel choice, as it increases the damage output of those abilities by 20%.

Doctor Strange selection screen

Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange’s skills

You have plenty of options when it comes to Doctor Strange’s skill set. He has 32 abilities spread across a range of categories that tie into his magical capabilities.

We suggest the following:

  • Eye of agamotto

Doctor Strange creates an illusion of himself to confuse the opposition, which also causes 253% of continuous damage.

  • Master of the mystic arts

This skill is handy as not only does it snare the enemy, but it also deals 115% damage.

  • Seven rings of raggadorr

This causes Doctor Strange to deal 911% damage to a single enemy – it’s total annihilation. We almost feel sorry for anyone on the receiving end of this skill.

  • Astral projection

Do you know what’s better than one Doctor Strange? Two Doctor Strange’s. What’s better than that? Three of them. The astral projection skill summons two more Steven’s to better the odds against your foes.

  • Book of vishanti

Ah, the good book, this skill is beneficial to you and your allies as it decreases the cooldown time of all your skills.

Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange’s outfits

Anybody that’s played a Marvel game is more than aware that suits aren’t just there to make a fashion statement – though we can’t deny it feels nice to turn heads when we walk down the street.

Outfits play a pivotal role in your success when embarking on missions. Each costume has its own set of stats, some of which will be of more use than others, depending on which direction you go in with your build.

We suggest the following outfits:


  • Two pieces – attack increases by 5.7%
  • Three pieces – health increases by 8.7%
  • Four pieces – touch of the vashanti class increases by six


  • Two pieces – attack increases by 5.7%
  • Three pieces – health increases by 8.7%
  • Four pieces – mystic arts class increases by six

Alternative pick:

Endgame movie

  • Two pieces – attack increases by 5.7%
  • Three pieces – book of vishanti increases by six
  • Four pieces – basic attacks increase by six

Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange’s battle badges

If you have read our other Marvel Future Revolution build guides, you’ll likely recognise a pattern when it comes to which battle badges you should use. Well, we’re keeping to the theme and strongly suggest that you and Doctor Strange go for the lord of the desert badge due to the impressive damage output it provides you with.

Or, if you have a competitive streak and want in on some PvP action, we recommend equipping the omega war battle badge.

Doctor Strange stood in a street

Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange’s potential

Steven Strange is similar to Tony Stark in that he’s brilliant, and he knows it. Therefore, he probably thinks he’s already achieved his potential, but he hasn’t, you can help him get there. Fortunately, when it comes to potential in Marvel Future Revolution, you’re not forced to choose between different stats. Rather you can unlock them all should you have adequate resources.

Potential category Stat boost one Stat boost two Stat boost three
Sorceror supreme I Dark magic I (attack) Tao mandala shield I (defence) Blessing of the vishanti I (health)
Sorceror supreme II Tao mandala shield I (defence) Ancient spell mastery I (ultimate skill recovery) Focus I (cooldown decrease)
Sorceror supreme III Blessing of the vishanti II (health) Spell enhancement I (debuff accuracy) Focus II (cooldown decrease)
Sorceror supreme IV Dark magic II (attack) Spell enhancement II (debuff accuracy) Focus III (cooldown decrease)

Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange’s omega cards

Picking the right omega cards can be the difference between victory and defeat, so make sure you consider what build you’re aiming for, and which stats may best suit your playstyle.

We recommend the following set:

Dark zone #3

  • Damage against villains increases by 14.4%
  • Critical damage increases by 28.7%
  • Defence pierce increases by 9.6%
  • Damage against supervillains increases by 14.4%
  • Two set – attack increases by 4.35%
  • Four set – total damage increases by 6.09%

Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange’s best build

Equipment Best choice
Specialsation Wind of truth, will of the destroyer, shifting sands, spirit of light
Outfits Sakaar, Xandearth
Battle badges Lord of the desert
Potential Ultimate recovery, health, cooldown decrease
Omega cards

And that’s everything you need to know about Marvel Future Revolution’s Doctor Strange. If the pressures of saving the multiverse are getting to you and you need a break, go and check out our picks for the best iOS games and best Android games here.