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Ben Brode enlists ProZD for Marvel Snap conquest update at SGF

Marvel Snap’s conquest mode is on the way to offer an alternative to endless three-minute matches on the ladder to infinity with a brand new format.

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It’s official, Marvel Snap’s conquest mode is just a few days from release! Ben Brode made the announcement at Summer Games Fest 2023, teaming up with YouTube creator and voice artist ProZD to bring the news to the masses. If Snap wasn’t already one of our favorite Marvel games, it’s now ready to explode like Bruce Banner’s nuclear facility.

So, the official release date for Marvel Snap’s conquest mode is set for June 13. If you don’t know, this new game mode is a step up from regular battles on the ladder, with a new format testing you over multiple games to see who really is the mightiest hero. As you might expect, a bigger challenge means more rewards, and I already can’t wait to spend my token earnings after using Galactus to wipe away countless enemies.

The short clip from Summer Games Fest 2023 shows ProZD playing a slightly different version of the Marvel Snap we know and love, with the self-deprecating sketch making fun of some of the game’s limiting locations. Well, we wouldn’t expect Brode to turn up to a showcase without some jokes, but it’s nice to know he’s not above outsourcing them to other hilarious creators.

Still, it’s not all jokes, and with the following statement from Brode, you can practically read how excited he is to share the new format with the community. “It’s just insane how good players have gotten at Marvel Snap since we launched in the fall. For our most competitive, high-skilled players, we wanted to give them the ultimate challenge with Conquest. Players can now find out who truly is the best of the best and worthy of ultimate Marvel Snap glory!”

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There you have it, all you need to know about the impending arrival of Marvel Snap’s conquest mode and Brode’s bit at SGF 2023. For more on Second Dinner’s superhero card game, check out our guides to Marvel Snap cards and Marvel Snap bundles. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more brutal, see our list of the Mortal Kombat 1 characters.