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Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners rewards

Here are all the available Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners rewards including cash, boosts, and a new token for your board.

Monopoly Go Hot Rod partners event artwork showing a man holding a tool

It’s time to call on your friends once again in the Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners event, where you and up to four fellow players get your hands dirty working on cars. Below, we’ve got all the available rewards, as well as a quick explainer on how to play the partner event.

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When is the Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners event?

The Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners event is on now and runs until March 13, 2024 – you’ve got a few days to scoop up as many prizes as you can, but you best get building those cars to get the grand prize!

What is the Hot Rod Partners event?

The Hot Rod event in Monopoly Go is a Partners event, requiring you to work with up to four other players. Each player you work with takes over one of the four slots on your board, and together, you collect points to build a car together.

In total, each car needs 80,000 to complete. That’s 320,000 for all four if you’re going for the big reward at the end. But don’t worry, if you play with a multiplier, you can get more points – and you never know, your partner might surprise you with plenty of help!

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Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners rewards

Here are the rewards you get for raking in the points by working toward completing challenges with your partners.

Points required Reward
2,500 200 dice
6,000 Cash
13,000 Cash, and 200-300 dice
26,500 Cash, 300-500 dice, a blue sticker pack, and a high roller boost
32,000 Cash, 400-600 dice, 15 minutes of sticker boom, and a purple sticker pack

The amounts of each item you get depend on your level in the game. If you complete all four cars, you can get the Grand Prize, which includes:

  • 5,000 dice, a Wild sticker, and a Diamond Dragster token

What is this mysterious ‘Wild’ sticker, you ask? Well, it’s a new type of Monopoly Go sticker, which you can turn into any sticker that you don’t already have in order to help complete your collections.

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