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Monopoly Go Robo Partners rewards

Check out all the Monopoly Go Robo Partners rewards available in the current partner event including cash, dice, and a limited-edition token.

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Grab some friends and head into the Monopoly Go Robo Partners event to claim heaps of goodies before it wraps up. Work together to build different robotic projects and watch as the rewards roll in, including a penguin-shaped token for your board and plenty of cash to build your monuments up.

Before you go, be sure to grab today’s free Monopoly Go dice and check our Monopoly Go wiki to see what each and every event in the game is. You can also get some Monopoly Go shields to protect your landmarks while you’re out and about, too.

When is the Monopoly Go Robo Partners event?

The Monopoly Go Robo Partners event is on now and runs through the weekend to May 21, giving you tons of time to put together the robotic projects.

What is the Robo Partners event?

The Robo Partners event lets you team up with four other players, as you work together in pairs to create a robotic animal. To do this, you need to roll around the board and collect the appropriate tokens, then use them to spin a wheel on each partner’s robot project. The points you get from the wheel then go toward building up you and your partner’s robots, as well as unlocking the rewards below.

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Monopoly Go Robo Partners rewards

When you complete each level of a robot with your partner, you unlock a set of rewards. There are five levels in total, and here are the rewards you get. Note that the amount of dice you receive may be higher depending on your level in the game.

Level Points needed Reward
One 2.5k 200 dice
Two 8.5k Cash
Three 21.5k 200 dice, cash, cash boost
Four 48k 300 dice, a sticker pack, high roller boost
Five 80k 400 dice, cash, a sticker pack, sticker boom boost
  • Grand Prize – 5k dice, a wild card sticker, and a robo penguin token

There you have it – all the Monopoly Go Robo Partners rewards. If you need some more Monopoly Go dice or Monopoly Go stickers, we’ve got guides to help you out. You can also grab today’s Coin Master free spins for some more mobile gaming fun.