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My Singing Monsters friend codes

Our guide to My Singing Monsters friend codes is all you need to find your fellow monster makers and combine to improve your islands.

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If you need help getting to grips with My Singing Monsters friend codes, we’re here to help. While there’s not a massively social element to Big Blue Bubble’s game full of crooning creatures, it’s still a nice idea to be able to add your friends in-game. In this guide, we’ve got all the details, including how to use friend codes and find new ones to show off your islands to. So, let’s get into it.

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What are My Singing Monsters friend codes?

My Singing Monsters friend codes are unique lines of text and numbers that you can use to add friends and have others add you as a friend. The codes are traditionally 12 characters long, with a sequence of ten numbers and two capitalised letters. Just keep in mind that the mobile and Steam versions of My Singing Monsters aren’t crossover compatible, so you can only add friends playing on the same device.

It’s worth trying to get a few friends so you can get them to light your wishing torches, increasing the likelihood of you picking up some rare monsters. When you invite friends to your islands, be sure to make sure you have a wishing torch first, and that you ask your friend if they can light it before they leave. In this instance, it’s perfectly fine to go without turning the light out.

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Where can I find My Singing Monsters friend codes?

If you don’t have any real-life friends who play My Singing Monsters, don’t worry just yet. There are plenty of places where people post their My Singing Monsters friend codes, and all these forums have rules put in place to make sure there’s no bad behaviour among the community. Just make sure that your username isn’t your real name before you add your code to the lists or use someone else’s and that you don’t give out any private information to fellow players.

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