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My Singing Monsters Noggin

My Singing Monsters’ Noggin is one of the most iconic singing creatures from Big Blue Bubbles’ hit title, so we’ve got a guide to get to know the boulder buddy.

Custom image of My Singing Monsters Noggin with the character in the middle of the screen

My Singing Monsters’ Noggin is one of the first monsters you meet on your musical quest to collect as many funky little friends as possible. As your very first vocalist, you’re probably wondering what Noggin does, why it does it, and how you can use it to begin your massive collection of monsters. So, we’ve put together this My Singing Monsters Noggin guide with everything you need to know about the adorable little boulder.

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So, let’s get to it and find out more about My Singing Monsters’ Noggin.

How do I get My Singing Monsters Noggin?

Noggin is one of the first monsters you can pick up in My Singing Monsters, for a cool 300 coins at the shop. It’s worth getting Noggin early on as it breeds with plenty of other monsters to create a lot of new friends for your island, helping you to expand your collection early on.

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What does My Singing Monsters Noggin breed with?

Noggin has plenty of potential partners, as you can see from our My Singing Monsters breeding list. Or, if you don’t need the details, you can see a full list of monsters Noggin can breed with below.

My Singing Monsters Noggin offspring Breeding combination 
Drumpler Noggin and Mammott
Fwog Noggin and Toe Jammer
Shrubb Noggin and Potbelly
Cybop  Noggin and Tweedle
Stogg Noggin and Kayna
T-Rox Noggin and Maw
Pummel Noggin and Oaktopus
Clamble Noggin and Furcorn
Pompom Noggin and Pando
Scups Noggin and Quibble
Repatillo Noggin and Flowah
Floogull Noggin and Glowl
Ziggarub Noggin and Boskus
Thrumble Noggin and Phangler
Entbrat Noggin and Bowgart
Riff Noggin and Congle
Shellbeat Noggin and Spunge
Quarrister Noggin and Thumpies
Tring Noggin and Barrb
HippityHop Noggin and Floot Fly
Peckidna Noggin and Clackula
Cantorell Noggin and Squat
Withur Noggin and Denchuhs
Uuduk  Noggin and Hawlo
Pladdie Noggin and Clavi Gnat
Plinkajou Noggin and Banjaw 

Screenshot of My Singing Monsters rare Noggin for Noggin guide

How to breed rare Noggin in My Singing Monsters

Getting your hands on a rare Noggin in My Singing Monsters is a good bit trickier than getting the regularly old boulder buddy. To breed a rare Noggin, you need to combine any two three-element monsters that are both at least one part earth. Of course, you might not get your rare Noggin the first time, so it’s worth trying a few different combinations until the golden boulder drops via an egg.

Custom image of My Singing Monsters Epic Noggin for Noggin guide

How to breed epic Noggin in My Singing Monsters

Picking up an epic Noggin is even trickier than the rare equivalent, as it’s not always available in the game. Like the rest of the epic monsters, you can get an epic Noggin through specific combinations for specific islands, and we’ve got the full details in our My Singing Monsters breeding guide.

Is there a My Singing Monsters Noggin plush?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we couldn’t find an official My Singing Monsters Noggin plush. There is a listing on the official My Singing Monsters website, but the link takes you to an Amazon page that no longer exists. Still, it’s worth keeping your eyes on the site for any updates or restocks in the near future.

There you have it, all you need to know about My Singing Monsters’ Noggin. For more marvellous monsters, check out our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gym leaders and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet elite four guides.