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My Singing Monsters gems

If you’re looking for My Singing Monsters gems, check out our comprehensive guide on picking up these precious resources to upgrade your island.

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If you’re trying to pick up some more My Singing Monsters diamonds, we’re here to help. This in-game resource, also known as My Singing Monsters diamonds, is crucial if you want to load your islands full of crooning creatures. In this guide, we’ve got tips on how to get more gems and improve your experience.

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What are My Singing Monsters gems?

As the primary resource in My Singing Monsters, you need gems to unlock more voluntary vocalists, upgrade locations, play games, and buy skins. Essentially, you need them for everything, so you should always be on the lookout to pick some up. Check out the section below for some guaranteed ways to add a few gems to your inventory.

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How do I get My Singing Monsters gems?

The easiest and most obvious way of grabbing some My Singing Monsters gems is by parting with your cash and buying them with real money, but if you’re here, you probably know that. Instead, we’re concentrating on ways you can earn gems as a reward, so you can keep your wallet in your pocket. Check out the table below for a few methods of obtaining My Singing Monsters gems.

Method My Singing Monsters gems on offer How often? 
Log in three consecutive days/ten consecutive days 3/25 One time only 
Register a friend One time only 
Mini mine 1-4 Daily
Memory game/spin wheel 2-1,000 Daily
Create a top ten island 100 Weekly 
Complete tribal island goals  Up to 20  Weekly 
Collect from Wublins and Celestials 2 Whenever (7% chance) 
Trade for shards Varying Whenever 
In-game rewards Varying Sporadic 
Complete in-game goals Varying Whenever 

How to farm My Singing Monsters gems

If you haven’t got the patience for daily and weekly challenges, there’s a way to farm My Singing Monsters gems at a rate of just over 200 per week. To do this, you need to create an environment with as many Wublins as possible – the max number being 109 – to try and exploit the monster’s 7% gem pay-off. Be sure to fill the free spaces in the Wublin area with Zynths, as they too can offer rewards every few hours.

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