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Who are the new Pokémon characters?

With a new generation of anime on the horizon, we’re taking a look at all the new Pokémon characters set to appear in the latest series, Pokémon Horizons.

New Pokemon characters: key art from Pokemon Horizons shows Liko and Roy stood in tall grass, with their partner pokemon Sprigatitio and Fuecoco

It’s pretty normal to expect a new generation of the Pokémon games, with a new batch of monsters and a pair of titles usually appearing every few years. Well, after nearly three decades it’s time for the anime to evolve, and with Ash’s adventures over, the focus of the future is the brand new series Pokémon Horizons. So, to get you up to speed, we’re breaking down all of the new Pokémon characters in this guide.

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Alright folks, let’s set off on an adventure with our new Pokémon characters guide.

New Pokémon characters: a young girl is shown, looking up, next to her partner pokemon the grass cat Sprigatito


One of the protagonists of Pokémon Horizons, Liko is a young girl who has a Sprigatito as her partner Pokémon. Liko is setting off on an adventure with her friend Roy, as they both hold a mysterious item. Liko wants to uncover the truth behind her pendant, while Roy has a unique-looking Pokéball. Liko’s pendant bears a striking resemblance to the tera crystals from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, so it may help unlock the potential of terastalization in the anime.

New Pokémon characters: a young boy character called Roy is shown, holding up a Pokeball, with his partner Pokemon Fuecoco behind him


One of the main protagonists one Pokémon Horizons, Roy is a young boy who wears a cap, and has a Fuecoco as a partner Pokémon. He is setting out on a mission to explore the Pokémon world with his friend Liko, as well as seeking to unravel the mystery behind his unique-looking Pokéball.

New Pokémon characters: An adult Pokémon character is shown, the captain of an airship, wearing goggles


The leader of the group known as the Rising Volt Tacklers, Friede is one of the adult characters in Pokémon Horizon, travelling the skies in an airship with his trusty Pikachu, known as Captain Pikachu for his trademark captain’s hat. Not much information is available about Friede or the Rising Volt Tacklers, or whether their intentions are good.

New Pokémon characters: a Pikachu wearing a captains hat is sat on a chair, with its arms folded

Captain Pikachu

The companion of Frieda, Captain Pikachu is a member of the Rising Volt Tacklers and distinguishes itself from other Pikachu with its distinctive Captain’s Hat.

New Pokémon characters: a young adult character is shown, with long hair that is dark on the one side, and white on the other


Not much information is available for Amethio, but we do know he is a member of the group known as the Explorers. Liko and Roy will meet Amethio on their adventures, as well as his partner Pokémon Ceruledge, one of the new Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

New Pokémon characters: an infographic shows four different characters announced for Pokémon Horzions, Orla, Murdock, Mollie, and Ludrow


A member of the Rising Volt Tacklers, Orla rides in the airship with Friede and is famous for her skills with mechanical and electrical work. She also travels with her partner Pokémon Metagross.


One of the many people Liko and Roy meet on their adventures, Murdock is a skilled chef and has a Rockruff as his partner Pokémon.


Another adult that Liko and Roy meet, Molly is notable for specialising in healing powers and travels with a Chansey as her partner Pokémon.


Very little information is available on Ludlow, but we do know that he is a fisherman.

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Alright, that’s all the new Pokémon characters we know about for now folks. Bookmark this page, as we update this article as and when new information becomes available. For even more great Pokémon content, be sure to check out our guides covering Pokémon Go Rayquaza and Pokémon Go Lugia next.