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Pokémon Go best Pokémon June 2024

Here’s a list of the best Pokémon Go Pokémon that are worthy of leveling up and taking to raids, gym battles, and the Go battle league.

Pokémon Go's Tyranitar against a rocky background

You want to be the very best, right? Well, you’re going to want to play with the very best Pokémon Go Pokémon, and for that, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to the world’s greatest. Of course, a lot of this is personal choice and what may be one trainer’s treasure may be another trainer’s trash. We know it’s a huge debate that will continue to divide Go players but, some of the best ‘mons should never be ruled out.

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In no particular order, here are the best Pokémon in Pokemon Go:

  1. Mewtwo
  2. Slaking
  3. Machamp
  4. Blissey
  5. Metagross
  6. Lucario
  7. Dragonite
  8. Kyogre
  9. Rayquaza
  10. Tyranitar

Pokémon Go's Mewtwo against a flowy purple background


Type: psychic
Strengths: attack
Weaknesses: bug Pokémon, dark Pokémon, and ghost Pokémon
Best moves: confusion and psystrike

Mewtwo is stacked when it comes to max CP, boasting over 4,000. It’s also one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game with massive attack stats to boot. Mewtwo is known for its devastating psychic moves, not forgetting its Team Rocket origin story. With a lower catch rate than most legendaries in the game, you’ll have to work for it, but your efforts should be rewarded. Mewtwo is a great all-rounder that will add a lot to your team.

Pokémon Go's Slaking against a brown bubbly background


Type: normal
Strength: defense
Weakness: fighting Pokémon
Best moves: yawn and body slam

Rated the ‘technically’ strongest Pokémon in the game with 5,010 CP, Slaking by stats alone will perform well in battle. But, as we’ve said already while it’s not all about stats, it kind of is as well, especially when they’re this good. Slaking works great with Blissey, to bolster the defensive stronghold in your team. With impressive attack stats coupled with a high CP, Slaking is dangerous.

Pokémon Go's Machamp against a brown background


Type: fighting
Strength: attack
Weaknesses: fairy Pokémon, flying Pokémon, and psychic Pokémon
Best moves: counter and dynamic punch

Machamp’s a fighter and, luckily with fighting-types, defensive Pokémon usually have a great weakness to their attacks. So, for this gen 1 Pokémon, it’s got a big advantage when it unleashes its counter and dynamic punch moves. This Pokémon is very useful in raids and gyms as it counters a lot of Pokémon types, giving it a spot on our offensive line-up.

Pokémon Go's Blissey against a brown bubbly background


Type: normal
Strength: defense
Weakness: fighting
Best moves: pound and hyper beam

Considered to be one of Go’s best tanks, Blissey is the pink and wonderful empress of Pokémon’s gen 2. Her HP (496) is the highest base HP in the game, and has her soaking up those hits like nobody’s business, even against counterattacks. Blissey will stand strong on your frontline, wearing down the opposition and weakening them before you unleash the strong attacking Pokémon in your team. The smartest way to win your battles is to recognize Blissey’s strength in being a gym mainstay.

Pokémon Go's Metagross against a steel background


Type: steel/psychic
Strength: defense
Weaknesses: dark, fire Pokémon, ghost, and ground Pokémon
Best moves: bullet punch and meteor mash

Metagross’ meteor mash move makes a hell of a difference when deciding whether to put this gen 3 Pokémon on our list. As mentioned, most defensive Pokémon don’t sit well against Machamp in attack but Metagross does. This Pokémon will be steadfast in battle allowing for more chances to carry out its moves such as bullet punch which boasts high DPS when used alongside the charged move, meteor mash.

Pokémon Go's Lucario against a brown background


Type: fighting/steel
Strength: attack
Weaknesses: fighting, fire, and ground
Best moves: counter and aura sphere

Being a steel Pokémon gives Lucario the upper hand when it comes to resisting other types. It’s dual typing of fighting and steel means it partners great attack with equally great defense. Aura sphere is a charged move that deals heaps of damage for Lucario, which only backs up the fact it’s already got a great CP. While its CP isn’t as great as Machamp, Lucario is not to be sniffed at when considering taking this attacker into battle.

Pokémon Go's Dragonite against a bright yellow background


Type: dragon/flying
Strength: defense
Weaknesses: dragon Pokémon, fire, ice Pokémon, and rock Pokémon
Best moves: dragon tail and draco meteor

When it comes to dragons, there are a few to choose from and arguably, Dragonite doesn’t always come out on top. But Dragonite comes out on top here because it has many attributes we like. Dragonite is a great attacker, you can pick it up easily, and you don’t need rare candy to level it up. They’re not easy to find so you’ll have to do your research. He’s bulky in defense with some powerful moves to counter.

Pokémon Go's Kyogre under the sea


Type: water
Strength: attack
Weaknesses: electric Pokémon and grass Pokémon
Best moves: waterfall and surf

A great counterattacker for any Pokémon weak to water-types, this means Kyogre is excellent against fire, rock, and ground-type Pokémon. Imagine it’s also rainy… then what? Domination.

Pokémon Go's Rayquaza against a bright yellow background


Type: dragon/flying
Strength: attack
Weaknesses: dragon, fairy, ice, and rock
Best moves: dragon tail and outrage

A flying attacker, Rayquaza is up there even with base-level dragon stats. Throw in the best dragon moveset with the Dragon tail and outrage combo and you’ve got yourself the highest DPS for a dragon Pokémon in the game. Rayquaza is only available through legendary raids though, so we recommend using some of the other Pokémon on our list to acquire this dragon.

Pokémon Go's Tyranitar against a rocky background


Type: rock/dark
Strengths: attack and defense
Weaknesses: bug, fairy, fighting, grass, ground, steel Pokémon, and ice
Best moves: bite and stone edge

Defensively, Tyranitar holds its own above the other rock/dark dual types out there. And its bite move gets the most out of this dark-type. A few weaknesses to its name counterbalance with the fact it’s also strong against many types, awarding Tyranitar the last place on our list.

Honorary mentions go to Groudon, Snorlax, Togekiss, and Salamence. They’re also great choices but fall short of our top ten spots with other Pokémon coming out on top. While we have you, why not check out our guide to Pokémon Go’s Jirachi, Pokémon Go’s Rayquaza, and our complete Pokédex?