Persona 4 Marie’s personality, voice actor, and more

Dive into the world of Persona 4’s Marie, the shy assistant of the velvet room, from her various skills and abilities to her personality and voice actor.

Persona is one of the most revered RPG series in the world, one that really moved up a rank when Persona 5 came out, so let’s focus on Persona 4’s Marie. The game has a horde of fans, and now that it’s on Switch, it’s bound to gain more fans. The many characters in the game are sure to get some new fans too, especially Marie, the standoffish yet sad assistant who helps out with your online stuff.

So, come with us on a journey into the world of Persona 4’s Marie, just down below. For more deep dives, check out our Persona 4 Teddie, Persona 4 Rise, and Persona 4 Kanji guides. Or, for something a little broader, check out our Persona 4 characters guide or our Persona 4 Switch review to get the lowdown on the investigation team.

Who is Persona 4’s Marie?

Marie is a surprisingly disliked character in Persona 4, thanks to her seemingly rude manner during your first meeting. She helps you out with getting your player card for online features and manages your skill cards. She also has a very lengthy social link that unlocks a late-game dungeon, so she’s a very important character for any of you who want to complete everything in the game.

Persona 4 Marie: Marie's reveal graphic from Persona 4 Arena.

What is Persona 4 Marie’s personality?

So, as we know, Marie is pretty hard to like at first, but progressing her social link reveals a character struggling with a lot and acting out because of it. She can’t remember her past and so lashes out in a way that is pretty hard to get your head around. That is until your progress her social link.

There’s a huge amount to unpack if you go down that route, all of which is major spoiler territory, so let me just say this: finish her social link and learn all these strange and wonderful things about her past (and how it connects to yours).

Who is Persona 4 Marie’s voice actor?

Eden Riegel is the English voice actor for Marie, while it’s Kana Hanazawa for the Japanese version of Persona 4.

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