Nier Automata A2 – combos, pods, and personality

Learn everything about Nier Automata’s A2, the branch C android, from their unique personality to the practical stuff like combos and pods.

Nier Automata A2: A key art image of A2 touching her hair and looking directly forward, cut at the waist and pasted on the white tile asset from the anime key art, with a slight black outline.

Nier Automata requires multiple varied playthroughs to fully complete and comprehend. The reason for this is a practical one – it saves money – but Yoko Taro and the team did more than that. They built one of the most inventive ways to tell a videogame story. In your first playthrough, you’re 2B, in the second you’re 9S, and in the third, you’re Nier Automata’s A2. Many forget about A2, even though they offer some key insight into what the game is all about.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Nier Automata’s A2.

What are Nier Automata A2’s combos?

Just like 2B and 9S, A2 has a variety of different attacks that can be chained together into combos. There’s a primary attack, which is great for a bit of quick damage, a heavy attack, which is slower but does more damage, as well as an aerial attack, pod programs, and evades.

Nier Automata A2, close up, with long white hair over her face and a dusty sky in the background.

There are, however, some differences between her and the other two androids. Firstly, A2 can evade in midair, and also has a double jump, meaning aerial combos can be strung together more fluidly and for longer. She also has a dash boost if you hold down the evade button.

2B and 9S can self-destruct, leaving their clothes in tatters, but A2 doesn’t have this functionality. Instead, she has a superpowered mode, where her damage dealt and damage received is increased, making her function very differently from the other two in battle.

One aspect where it doesn’t differ is the pods. Just like 2B and 9S, you can load in different pod programs to use in combat. Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • A140: Gravity
  • R050: Spear
  • R020: Mirage
  • A080: Wave
  • A090: Wire
  • A150: Volt
  • A060: P Shield

Nier Automata A2: A promotional image of Nier Automata's A2 from the Nier Automata anime series.

What is Nier Automata A2’s personality?

A2 is quite the mystery in Nier Automata. You meet her before you get to play as her, but it’s unclear what her role is in everything. All she does is attack you – she really means business and isn’t going to back down.

Still, she’s an android just like the other two, so there can’t be that much nuance, right? Well, just like we found out in our guides for Nier Automata’s 2B and 9S, there’s a depth written into these characters, and slowly revealing it over the course of multiple playthroughs is one of the most rewarding parts of the game.

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One thing the androids share is a hatred for machines that softens over time. A2’s hatred doesn’t dissipate that dramatically, but she does assist Pascal’s village like the other two androids. She also tried to be kind to 9S, in spite of the circumstances (check out our Nier Automata 9S guide to see what we mean, assuming you’re fine with spoilers). There’s definitely compassion hidden in their programming.

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