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Persona 5 wallpapers - backgrounds for your desktop or mobile

Make Morgana, Joker, and the rest of the gang your new wallpaper background for your desktop or your phone, with our Persona 5 wallpapers guide

Persona 5 wallpaper of Joker and the main cast

Looking for a Persona 5 wallpaper for your phone or PC? You’re in the right place. Whether you want to wake up to Joker before your morning java, or have Morgana make your desktop screen their new home, there’s something for all fans of Atlus’ seminal JRPG spin-off series.

We’ve put together the best of the best Persona 5 wallpapers, so you can restyle your devices in time for the title coming to Switch later this year. With all of the images included using the correct resolution for either your mobile or your desktop, you can simply save the pictures before proudly positioning them as the first thing you see in the morning. Joker would just be thrilled.  

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Persona 5 wallpapers

We’ve split our Persona 5 wallpapers guide right down the middle so you can pick out a killer background for whatever device you’re looking for. Desktop wallpapers are up first, so if you’re only looking for something for your mobile, skip down a little. 

Persona 5 desktop wallpapers

Black white and red classic style Persona 5 wallpaper

The full Persona 5 line-up in classic black, red and white. 

 Persona 5 wallpaper with full team line-up but in color

The full Persona 5 line-up again, but this time in full colour with costumes 

Joker with a cracked mask Persona 5 wallpaper

Art of Joker wearing a cracked mask 

Ann and Morgan action sequence Persona 5 wallpaper

Ann and Morgana in a symphony of pink 

Comic book styled Persona 5 wallpaper

The cast of Persona 5 in comic book-style art 

Action shot of Joker in the gang as a Persona 5 wallpaper

Action shot of the Persona 5 cast, including Joker, Morgana, Futaba, and more 

Persona 5 mobile wallpapers

Classic black red and white style Persona 5 wallpaper for mobile

The full Persona 5 line-up in classic black, red and white, with the city behind them

Single comic book style Joker image Persona 5 wallpaper for mobile

Comic-style single shot of Joker in full colour, with mask 

Colourful Persona 5 wallpaper for mobile

Colourful comic-style collection of Persona 5 characters with a wanted sign 

Take your time Persona 5 wallpaper for mobile

Illustration of Joker with the classic “take your time” line underneath 

Morgana wearing a crown in a Persona 5 wallpaper for mobile

Morgana wearing a crown and posing 

There you have it, all the Persona 5 wallpapers you could ever need. For updates on the incoming arrival of three of the main series titles coming to Switch, see our Persona 3 release date, and Persona 4 release date, and Persona 5 release date guides.