Where is Nintendogs Switch?

Nintendogs Switch sounds fantastic, but so far we’re yet to hear the pitter-patter of tiny paws on our favourite portable system. So, let's look into it.

Nintendogs Switch: promotional art is shown for Nintendogs

Nintendogs Switch sounds like a dream come true. Who doesn’t love dogs? Psychopaths, that’s who. And while we don’t all have the space, time, or money to look after a fluffy puppy pal, Nintendo gives younger dog lovers a vicarious virtual experience of the friendly animals with its titles Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS, and Nintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS. So, is the Nintendogs franchise on Switch?

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Alright, let’s dive into our Nintendogs Switch guide.

Nintendogs Switch: a screenshot is visible for Nintendogs

Is there a Nintendogs Switch game? 

There’s not currently a Nintendogs game available on the Nintendo Switch. Even six years on from the Nintendo Switch’s launch, Nintendo is yet to release, announce, or even hint at another entry in the Nintendogs franchise. Sadly, the Nintendo Switch does not have either the camera or microphone that previous entries of Nintendogs use for players to command their dogs, so it may not be possible to create an authentic Nintendogs experience on the Nintendo Switch device.

Is Nintendo making a Nintendogs Switch game? 

Nintendo currently has no announced plans to make a Nintendogs Switch game. Nintendo is a very secretive company, so it may well be working behind the scenes to create one, but nothing is available publicly about a potential Nintendogs Switch port or new entry.

Is there a Nintendogs mobile game? 

There’s not currently a Nintendogs mobile game. Nintendogs is a series that utilises interactive elements, with both previous entries using cameras and microphones for players to command their dogs. So, if a new Nintendogs is ever to release, we’d expect it to hit mobile devices instead of the Nintendo Switch. We speculate on this in our Nintendo mobile games feature.

Nintendogs Switch: promotional art is shown for Nintendogs

Are there any Nintendogs Switch leaks? 

Nintendo is not publicly talking about any version of a Nintendogs game currently, but recent reports may hint that a new entry could be in the works. Nintendo owns a patent that recently became viewable to the public, showcasing a mobile device, and AR technology presenting a virtual dog in a living room. Much like the AR technology of Pokémon Go, which allows players to take photos with Pokémon appearing like they are in the location, this technology would make it seem like the dog is actually in the 3D space.

It’s very little to go on, but the Nintendogs brand is still a strong one, and recent waves of pet and simulation games may point towards an even bigger potential audience than when Nintendo released the original Nintendogs on Nintendo DS. We’d happily take our dogs for a virtual walk with geolocation technology like in Pikmin Bloom, so perhaps Nintendo and Niantic can work together to make our doggy dreams come true one day.

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That’s all the Nintendogs Switch information we have for now folks, and currently, it seems like we might be barking up the wrong tree. Still, if you want to find a great game to play today, be sure to check out our list of the best dog games for Switch and mobile next.