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No Man’s Sky expeditions - are they on Switch?

Get the lowdown on No Man’s Sky expeditions with all previous one’s start and end dates, as well as all current and upcoming expeditions far into the future.

Art for the No Man's Sky expedition called Polestar, showing a spaceman in space standing on the exterior of a ship. In the distance a large planet blocks out the sun.

No Man’s Sky expeditions are limited-time events, which means you have to be on your toes to get them done. Now that the game is coming to Switch, it’s pretty exciting to imagine diving into the depths of space on the bus or the train. Except, as No Man’s Sky has launched as a “single-player experience” on Switch, there aren’t any multiplayer features. As far as I can tell, this means that there will be no No Man’s Sky expeditions on the Nintendo Switch.

Either way, you can find all the No Man’s Sky expeditions below, and hopefully, they’re available in the Switch version in spite of its single-player status. For more, check out our No Man’s Sky multiplayer, No Man’s Sky crossplay, and No Man’s Sky how to save guides.

Current No Man’s Sky expedition

The current No Man’s Sky expedition is a rerun of July’s expedition, titled ‘Polestar’. In this community expedition, you “embark on an interstellar cruise as the captain of a heavy shipping freighter, warping your metal fortress across the galaxy.” You can find the full details here. This rerun ends on January 18.

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Previous No Man’s Sky expeditions

Expedition Start date End date
The Pioneers 31/03/21 16/05/21
Beachhead 17/05/21 31/05/21
Cartographers 08/09/21 17/10/21
Emergence 20/10/21 22/11/21
Exobiology 02/24/22 04/04/22
The Blighted 14/04/22 22/05/22
Leviathan 25/05/22 05/07/22

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