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No Man’s Sky freighters

It can be daunting exploring those big open skies on your own, so get yourself ship shape and ready with our No Man’s Sky freighters guide

No Man's Sky freighters: a screenshot from the game No0 Man's Sky shows a small spaceship heading towards a large, long freighter with a huge metal surface.

With the upcoming Nintendo Switch release and the bevvy of great updates since the original arrival of No Man’s Sky in 2016, we thought now is the right time to help out new players and explain No Man’s Sky freighters. These handy hunks of metal make a great place to park your ship and can help you with some other essential space-faring tasks.

If you want to know more about No Man’s Sky freighters, be sure to read on for our full breakdown, covering where to find them, where to buy them, and what to do once you’ve got your hands on one as well. These massive metal hangars are great for storage, playing with friends, and can come with a host of lovely-looking upgrades.

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Here’s our guide to No Man’s Sky freighters No Man's Sky freighters: a screenshot from the game No0 Man's Sky shows a small spaceship heading towards a large, long freighter with a huge metal surface.

How do I find a No Man’s Sky freighter?

It’s actually fairly easy to get your first freighter in No Man’s Sky, and it’s also completely free. When you gain the ability to start warping to different star systems, after visiting a few (though maybe your first if you’re lucky), you receive a distress call from a freighter. If you assist this freighter in its escape from pirates, the captain of the freighter offers it to you. Be mindful though, because if you turn down their gift and instead accept the next freighter offered to you, you’re much more likely to get a far bigger freighter.

How do I buy a No Man’s Sky freighter?

As you explore the cosmos, you occasionally come across fleets, and there’s a chance you may find a green frigate badge or a purple freighter badge, indicating they’re available for purchase. Fly within the catchment zone to receive a radio transmission. Then you can hop aboard, check it out, and decide whether you’d like to buy it.

How do I upgrade my No Man’s Sky freighter?

If you already have a ship you like to call home, you might want to expand or improve that beauty with some lovely-looking upgrades. Well, while you are adventuring out in the great unknown, keep an eye out for abandoned freighters, and you may find upgrades that you can add to the inventory of your personal freighter. These include:

  • Combat unit – improve the fleet’s combat by two to fifteen points
  • Exploration unit – improves exploration results by two to fifteen points
  • Fuel unit – improves fuel efficiency by two to fifteen units
  • Mining unit – improves mining rewards by two to fifteen points
  • Trade unit – improves trading success by two to fifteen points
  • Freighter hyperdrive – improves hyperdrive range by two to fifteen points
  • Beacon – improve the fleets’ speed by two to fifteen points

So there you go spaceman, this should be everything you need to get started with a No Man’s Sky freighter. Next up, have a read of our guides covering No Man’s Sky Beyond and No Man’s Sky expeditions.