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Overwatch 2 battle pass guide

If you want to know what you can earn for yourself by grinding through the Overwatch 2 battle pass, we’ve got the only guide you need all season

Screenshot of Mercy and a spirit fox for Overwatch 2 battle pass guide

We’ve put together a guide to the Overwatch 2 battle pass, including all the rewards for both the free and paid versions. Of course, there’s much more on offer for those who opt to pick up some Overwatch coins and pay for the premium version, but that doesn’t mean that those who aren’t willing to spend go completely empty-handed, with up to 20 rewards through the free pass.

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What are the Overwatch 2 battle pass rewards?

Just like a lot of other free-to-play games, Overwatch 2 has the option of either a free or a paid battle pass. Of course, you’re going to get more rewards if you opt for the paid system, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything in the free rewards tier worth picking up if you can’t justify parting with your cash.

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All Overwatch 2 free battle pass rewards

The biggest draw for the free pass is Kiriko, that is if you aren’t gifted the character for merging accounts from the first Overwatch game. Otherwise, you can check out all the available rewards in the table below.

Overwatch 2 free battle pass tier Reward Item type
2 Cybermari Player icon
6 Fist bump Victory pose
10 Tactical (Winston)  Skin
13 Locked and loaded Highlight intros
19 Exist Voice lines
23 Pineapple pizza Souvenir
28 Mitzi and friends Name card
31 Commando Player icon
36 Noble Victory pose
39 It’s all connected Voice line
43 Rise n’ shine Spray
46 Sipping Emotes
51 Arcade Spray
55 Kiriko Character
58 The dragon and I are one Voice line
61 Brain Player icon
65 Commando Spray 
70 Forest ranger (Cassidy)  Skin
74 Robo thumb Souvenirs 
79 Synthwave Name cards

Screenshot of Genji in his cyber demon skin from the Overwatch 2 battle pass

All Overwatch 2 premium battle pass rewards

As you would expect, there’s plenty more on offer as part of the premium Overwatch 2 battle pass. If you can grind out all the way to level 80 you can unlock Genji’s mythical cyber demon skin, as well as a bunch of other epic and legendary skins on the way. The battle pass will cost you 1,000 Overwatch coins, which is the value of about $10/£7, but you don’t earn any further coins through battle pass progression, so make sure there’s something you want to pick up first.

Overwatch 2 premium battle pass tier Reward Item type 
1 Kiriko / EDM (D.Va) / XP boost Character / skin / boost
3 Sky centurion Name card
4 You can be improved Voice line
5 Cookies Emote
7 Salute Spray 
8 Mechanical brain Souvenir
Stand up  Voice line
11 Holo sakura Player icon
12 Sakura Name card
14 Only you Spray
15 Origami crane Weapon charm
16 Evaluate Victory pose
17 DJ D.VA Spray 
18 Great waves Name card
20 Hinotori (Kiriko)  Skin
21 EDM Player icon
22 Dogtag Spray
24 Translocator Victory pose
25 On my bike Voice line
26 Raboday Emote
27 Lion slayer Spray
29 A long way down Voice line
30 Commando (Sojourn)  Skin
32 Sky centurion Spray
33 Nailed it Highlight intro
34 Neck of the woods Voice line
35 Tokki keyring Weapon charm 
37 Cyber phoenix Spray
38 Omnicode Name card
40 Beast hunter (Junker Queen)  Skin
41 Kumihimo Player icon
42 Puzzle cube Souvenir
44 Ponder Victory pose
45 High tech, low tech…  Voice line
47 Crows Spray
48 Hinotori  Player icon
49 Parts and whole Voice line
50  Miko (Mercy)  Skin
52 EDM Tokki Player icon
53 Incoming! Highlight intro
54 Upgrades Voice line
56 Just breathe Spray
57 Cyber demon Name card
59 Hologram Victory pose
60 Sky Centurion (Pharah)  Skin
62 Run with blade Voice line
63 Rainbow pool Name card
64 Itadakimasu  Emote
66 Posed Victory pose
67 I do love neon Voice line
68 Folded crane Souvenir
69 Kitsune Player icon
71 Crime boss Spray 
72 Forest ranger Player icon
73 I do not cower Voice line
75 Cyberdemon mask Weapon charm
76 Old soldiers Spray
77 Crowned Victory pose
78 Do something Highlight intro
80 Cyber demon (Genji) / Cyber demon / Demon deflection Skin / Player icon / Spray 

There you have it, all the Overwatch 2 battle pass rewards for both the free and premium options this season. For more helpful hints, check out our Overwatch maps guide.